Germany air needs a premium 109

Sometimes a lie becomes the truth after 50 years of copying. I would read the book, the author is good.

Don’t have it, not interested. Quote performance figures.

I don’t participate in internet battles . My apologies from the discussion. Try getting the book, maybe you’ll change your mind, maybe you won’t.

Alright then, Me 309 remains as a shit plane that was almost entirely a waste of time.

The FW 190 V32/U2 would be cool its an Ta 152 H0 Prototype with MG 213/20 as armament

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Was the MG213 ever actually mounted on a 190? thought it was only on a Bf110 testbed.

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I honestly think that’d be better as a 5.0 TT vehicle, being essentially half G-6 and half G-14. For premium there’s the cursed wide 109: The 109H-1, based on the G-5/AS but with an extra-long wing and slightly larger tail, with the few produced still seeing service in 1944.


The FW190 V32/U2 was the only singe engine Fighter that was used as a Testbed for the MG213

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I also made it here.


Is there anything you haven’t made a suggestion on!?

Hmmm, yes, however not for long.

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Do you happen to have one on the 109 X?

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I’ll be waiting for that one then!

Well, it was denied, aparently it was never intended to be armed.

I find that quite hard to believe since the first 109 Xs with the Twin Wasp were thought of for export. Nobody is gonna buy an unarmed fighter.

Was it? I thought it was merly build because the intended BMW 801 wasnt yet ready.

The conversion with the Twin Wasp was ordered shortly after the production order for the Fw 190 was put out, and just one year after the Zurich air show where the 109 had been quite impressive to those watching.

There’s a few possibilities besides export, and I don’t think its ever stated exactly why it was done. Could be for familiarization with operating radial engine fighters since the 190 was coming soon, could be because someone at the RLM thought that since radials are cheaper to produce than inlines they might make a good option for future fighters or even the 109 itself.

But after all it was using an american radial instead of something german, so I’m very much thinking it was for that. They also allowed the He 112 to be exported, but never with a DB600 series engine, so that checks out too.
It was re-engined with an 801A but that was after it did very well in trials, where it was at least as good as a then-standard 109 E in performance and handling. So at this point I’m guessing that germany was interested in a radial 109 for their own use.