Germany air needs a premium 109

The premium air tech tree is actually rather poo.
Needs premium 109.


low tier.

Just buy HORI’s joystick from Amazon or somewhere.

It has codes of romanian Bf 109 G-2 iirc.

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Just Talisman the G-6 like everyone else…

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I dont NEED a premium for research. I got everything.
Just be nice to have a unique 109.
I got the E7-U2 but its low tier and i prefer the nose mounted 20mm.

what more do you want?

I mean sure 3 of those are unobtainable but they are there


ok but they are not readily available for purchase.

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the events are for that. So wait for an event where we have a 109 again

I need a premium dorito

the bf109 G-0 with the v-tail would be a nice premium


They need to stick that Bf 109E-7 into the next SL crate so that the price goes down to at least 30GJN.
That’s all they need to do.

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If you want a premium triangular spiced tortilla chip, the French and Israeli trees are right there.

Unless you mean the old dorito, the horten. In which case, highly unlikely to appear. Ho.229 is already straddling the border between paper/mockup and “built and tested, but only barely”.

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laughs in premium G-6

Bf 109 G-0 would be a super good event vehicle or premium.

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Yes, the 109G-0, H-1, and K-6 would make for some good mid-high tier prop premiums, which despite having a very good tech tree collection of aircraft, Germany is rather lacking.

How about the Me 209, or Me 155? One was a (failed) 109 redesign, the other was a carrier adaptation based on a 109 G-1.

The former has a very similar engine cowling to the 190 Ds, with longer wings and inboard-retracting gear and taller rudder. Engine and armament differ based on which prototype you look at, V5 had a DB603G and 2x MG131 + 1x MK108, V6 had a Jumo 213A and 2x MG151/20 + 1x MK108.
(this is the V5)

For the latter, modifications include new longer wings with two additional MG151s in the wing roots and inboard-retracting landing gear (similar to Fw190 or Zero), carrier hook, and catapult attachment points.

The Me 309 is also an option but that thing was pretty bad even when compared to early 109 Gs. So I don’t see a point in adding it.

The 109 Xs would also be pretty low tier, but they’re very interesting in their own right.


Bf 109 V21 with a P&W Twin Wasp

109 X proper with a 1600hp BMW 801A

the issue with both of these is that they had no armament mounted - so it would be akin to the Yak-141 if added.

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nice dude :)

E7 isnt all that good i must say.
Pretty much an E4.

Kreigsmarine carrier capable 109?

There were 7 T-1 with full naval equipment, followed by 43 T-2s that retained the long span wings and used from land bases in Norway due to the better takeoff and climb performance. Overall they were roughly equivalent to the E-4.

Or one of the earlier variants used to test the concept…

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