German CAS question

Grinding out German planes with the Ju 288 rn and was wondering what the best CAS plane is. Going down the f4, Mig 29, and Tornado tree. Honestly feels like helicopters are better for German CAS, but idk.

Germany has by far the worst high-tier CAS of any nation, with the only guided weapons above 11.3 (Tornado IDS) being a pair of Mavericks on the F-4F ICE. So yeah, helicopters are your best bet.

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Thought so thanks. I never touch air cause I honestly am just terrible at it so I wouldn’t really know.

If you rarely play air, all the more reason to use a helicopter since you can research it through playing tanks. Glad I could help :)

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No such thing as German CAS in this game


so real

Until this beauty and Eurofighter Typhoon shows up best thing you can use is either Tornado IDS or F4F ICE.

Personally i prefer Tornado because of targeting pod and more guided ordinance but Tornado requires really high skill level against top tier Sam systems.

Well they COULD give the Su-22M4 the Kh-29TE that it can mount but nope. We are limited to max 13km launches (optimal conditions) instead of the 30km that the Kh-29TE provides. We are also software restricted unrealistically from using the TV of the Kh-29T for guiding the laser-guided Kh-25ML. (Yes reported and acknowledged.)

The F-4F and the Hunter F.58 both have alright to good CAS at their respective BRs of 10.3 and 9.7 in GroundRB. Both have 2 Maverick-Bs.
The F-4F also has loads of bomb bombs with CCIP, and the ability to carry A2A missiles, while the Hunter cannot.
Both GroundBR lineups are good.
The alpha jet is also good at 9.0 with CCIP and flares. You have to watch out for Manpad launchers at 9.3 though.
For top tier:
The new ICE or the Tornado. Tornado has guided bombs and the ICE has 2 Mavericks (D or G; otherwise essentially the same loadout as the F-4F). It having Aim-120s and IRCCM-missiles at 11.7 in GroundRB is also a massive advantage in a CAP-role.

JP worst

any 12.7 CAS> F-4f-kws-la + Tornado
and most times uptier
U know what I mean?

same,tiger2 is powerful in 6.7 but other national have enough vehicle in most BR,germany weak in powerful BR+0.3~0.7
at the most time will be uptier, they don’t show any powerful.

I would say the squadron hunter, 2 mavericks at 9.7 and no need to grind tree. Higher than that would be better to avoid

The Alpha jet is very good at its BR. Just set your flare to launch 1 every 2 seconds, and you have 2 minutes of good resistance against IR missiles (which are what you’ll find trying to kill you half the time) and it has good enough maneuverability even at high speeds so you can dodge incoming cannon fire fairly easily.

It’s guns are good enough to kill tanks too; will probably just expend a quarter of the ammo count to reliably do so, though.

Alpha Jet and G.91 R/3 are at its BR bracket the last good CAS jets. You might also consider the IL-28 with its 3000kg bomb for special situations (like nuking out a cap point, works).

Any BR bracket above that lacks cas. The Phantoms and Su-22 just get two guided ordnance pieces (2 Mavericks and 2x russian pendants for the Su-22)…which is a joke for 800 spawn points…other nations got triple the number of ordnance or even more. Tornado just gets GBUs. Laser guided bombs need a constant laser lock until impact…something which is very difficult to do vs. ground anti air systems like Pantsir, Tunguska etc… So above this BR bracket just use the Tiger UHT. This one is the only kind of ‘CAS’ which works.

Gajin somehow refused to give NL F-16 to Germany for whatever reason. Also insist that just two Maverick loadouts for a top tier jet is somehow fair, while others get alot more boom for the same amount of spawn points.

Same argument why the F-4Fs are bad CAS: Its just two Mavericks. Its simply not worth the amount of spawn points required. Ability to attack just two targets is meh. Especially since Mav’s are no guaranteed kills. They might lose track or fail to destroy the target… And then you spawned this thing for nothing, waste of precious points.

Also, many craft are missing Panzerblitz:

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Japan is giving it a run for its money. No guided A2G at all except for the F-16AJ.