AB 500 with SD 4 HL Cluster Bombs

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I would like to suggest the AB 500 filled with 74 SD 4HL (Hohlladung/Hollow charge/shaped charge) cluster bombs.

The canister upon drop opens from 0,7-1,2 sec (idealy in game 0,7 cince the in GRB smaller scales) and drops out the content.

The SD 4HL is a 4 kg 31cm long and 9,15 cm wide shaped charge bomb with 0,31kg Hexotol 50 and 7g Pent filler. It is a small bomb with fin at the end and can penetrate 13 cm at (in game) 30° angle as well as has a good anti personal blast with lots of shrapnell.

In game it would come in the (complete weight) 400kg (the 500kg Lock) AB 500 with 74 SD 4 HL respectivly. Beeing available for pretty much every plane that can have either one of the locks, including but not limited to the Ju 87, Bf 109, Fw 190 and more. Especially multiple under bombers (for example the Ju 87 with 3) will be very effective at dealing with a lone wanderer or a group of enemys, with more fun and something else than just a huge bomb.

Why i would like to see it? It would offer a new alternative to the in game 2 types of droppable ordanance, the He bombs and the Incendary bombs, would be joined by HEAT cluster bombs, for multiple nations.

They have 4 rows of multiple SD 4 HL bombs, the container has a hinge at the back and a fuze at the front, which ignites and openes the container after 0,7-1,2 sec in the air dropping the load (depending on the height and angle of flight) over roughly 30/30-50/50m, this is less than some of the medium bombs destructive radius, however is also lighter than some, with possibly the same or better effect.

Screenshot 2023-10-13 184230

L.Dv. 4200 Deutsche Abwurfmunition Blatt 4D (Primary Source for the AB 500 with SD 4 HL)

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I think that you meant to say 74 bombs, not 72

What AP has this bomb?

13cm/30°, but i also wrote that into the suggestion.