Ab 250 with SD 4 HL Cluser Bombs

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I would like to suggest the AB 250 filled with 40 SD 4HL (Hohlladung/Hollow charge/shaped charge) cluster bombs.

The canister upon drop opens from 0,7-1,2 sec (idealy in game 0,7 cince the in GRB smaller scales) and drops out the content.

The SD 4HL is a 4 kg 31cm long and 9,15 cm wide shaped charge bomb with 0,31kg Hexotol 50 and 7g Pent filler. It is a small bomb with fin at the end and can penetrate 13 cm at (in game) 30° angle as well as has a good anti personal blast with lots of shrapnell.

In game it would come in the (complete weight) 210 kg AB 250 (for the 250kg lock) with 40 SD 4 HL respectivly. Beeing available for pretty much every plane that can have either one of the locks, including but not limited to the Ju 87, Bf 109, Fw 190, Hs 129 B-2 and more. Especially multiple under bombers (for example the Ju 87 with 3) will be very effective at dealing with a lone wanderer or a group of enemys, with more fun and something else than just a huge bomb.

Why i would like to see it? It would offer a new alternative to the in game 2 types of droppable ordanance, the He bombs and the Incendary bombs, would be joined by HEAT cluster bombs, for multiple nations.

They have 4 rows of multiple SD 4 HL bombs, the container has a hinge at the back and a fuze at the front, which ignites and openes the container after 0,7-1,2 sec in the air dropping the load (depending on the height and angle of flight) over roughly 30/30-50/50m, this is less than some of the medium bombs destructive radius, however is also lighter than some, with possibly the same or better effect.

Screenshot 2023-10-13 184249

L.Dv. 4200 Deutsche Abwurfmunition Blatt 3C (Primary Source about the AB 250 SD 4 HL)


Please make sure to bring to gaijins attention the Hs 129 B, (it should be listed in your topic in bold, underlined, & italicized) before someone at gaijin wrongfully reiterates that it never carried the SC 250/AB 250 bomb with SD 4: