German 5.0+

Well dear gaijin you ruined WHOLE br from 5.0 to 6.0 by JU288. ALL THE BATTLES is
4x JU288
2x fighters
opponents? Ofcorz not, pumped by fighters, ridiclous. Everyones can say that, everyones know that and you poretending to be blind on that… pathetic really… German fighters are unplayable if ure not a GOAT on BF’s (like me :D ). Really… guys do something with that… put that useless JU288 on 6.7. There they can do EXACTLY the same as on this BR, bomb and die, so NOTHING. Theres no differernce for them if its 6.0 or 6.7…

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as much as you are crying i highly doubt that, specialy since you didnt bother to search one of the other Ju 288c threats, already discussed plenty as well 6.7 is to high there is a lot of difference between 6.0 and 6.7

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they are fkn useless anyway, they can be on 6.7 without any problewm. All they can do is bomb and die, after 3 mins iam alone on air and have to fight with all opponents


says someone who has no idea about the plane, it is a problem of the playerbase not the vehicle, in the right hands the ju 288c is a good fighter.

and again i highly doubt that as much as you are crying

They did something about it. You could be having a full team of them but they added the 4 bomber limit.

95% of people bough it just for BOMB&DIE & next battle. Iam crying coz its not fair that i have useless team everytime while opponent is pumped with fighters. TRY IT, coz its clearly for me that you have no idea what are you talking about.

nice, now we have 4x JU288 and me, thank you!

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Most are bots. The ju288 has pretty good defense when a real player uses it

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The main issue is the combination of it being an excellent aircraft and having a premium status while there is a bomber limit in matches.

Because of the sheer popularity and easy barrier to entry for this vehicle it is a disproportionally popular bomber that forces matches to be small.
Half the matches at it’s tier are barely matches at all because of this and it is a very real issue.

I wish that Gaijin either moved it up in BR so to lower it’s viability and remove it from being purchasable so that it cannot clutter a BR range and loses popularity.
Unfortunately, this will not happen because the Ju-288 is a bestseller…


You can say this about any bomber. Try better.

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oh i do plenty of time, i got no problem with it lol FW 190 F8 is one of my favourite planes, seems most like skill issue on your part

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thats not the isssue when theres 4 bombers and 10 fighters, but german 5.0 and up is 4bombers and 2 fighters. How many times have to say it to be undestandable???

yes but that a problem on gajins part on the matchmaker not on the ju 288cs, give every team 4 ju 288cs and the whole debate would be finished, it is already normal in top tier that the same nations fight against each other

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you know why you have 46% win ratio on JU288 and I have on the same BR 57% win ratio? Becoz you were playing without ME. Coz plenty of times iam killing for 5 guys alone, but its still hurts. OK iam out, we can talk about it whole day, useless chating.

Of course you can’t blame the player on this, as they are just taking an efficient grinding aircraft and going about their business, Gaijin is at fault here.

But the bomber would most certainly still perform at higher BR while not incentivising it’s spam so much anymore.
For compensation of removing it from sale I think that it would be awesome to get a tree version too, since that would allow for people who haven’t been able to buy the premium to still fly it while it wouldn’t be so disruptive due to the lack of premium status.

its still a bomber whose main job is bombing, i can make 2 kills or at least 1 per match, but again thats not the fault of the ju 288c, gajin should fix the matchmaker

again highly doubt that as salty as you are, propably getting carried by randoms

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was already discussed if you place it at 6.7 it loses every advantage it has, you met jets and everything is faster then, that combined with the ju 288cs massive blind spot at the front makes it easy pickings for everyone, the highest it can go is 6.3 and give it its 2.5t bombs, but else it just dies

doubt more, its normal for me. Iam out, bb

for anyone else just continue the already existing thread How to fix the br of the ju288C this thread is a joke of a salty person who didnt even bother looking up the topic

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