German 5.0+

like i said, salty kid that didnt even bother looking up the already existing threads, shows enough in my opinion

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0.2 kills per battle, yea, you CARRYier xD ahahaha

Very true. There seems to be quite a few who make a thread to rage and get upset when they dont get everyone going “wow, you are so right.”

Considering most matches are back when they had more 3 base maps, yeah. A group of decent ju288s could when via bombs.

Now this is a classic. “I have an opinion on a vehicle and anyone who plays it is wrong/stupid therefore they cant have a valid opinion”. Cant have a constructive discussion if no one has any experience with the vehicle. Just say this is your crying thread and we will understand.


Ju-288C has killed Germany’s ability to be competitive in ARB at the 5.0-7.0 range since it’s addition.

The only true solution at this point would be to remove it from sale.
Players and existing bot accounts would still use it, but the access would be cut off to new bot accounts and players otherwise.

Just fix matchmaker to always include 4 ju 288cs or split them to 2 in every team, there realy is no problem with doing it and both teams got the same chances then


No. That ship sailed years ago.

The only true solution is to remove it from sale, period.

yeah we both know that wont happen, the ju288c is literaly the only “good” farming plane germany has

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There’s an entire tech tree of planes available to “farm” with. 🤷‍♂️

Premiums vehicles aren’t the only way to progress in this game.

Just remove airspawn for Ju288. When thunderbolt became best plane in the world it helped.

well then remove XP-50 just as cancerous, Wyvern , Su-11 etc etc

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cant do that with bombers either cripples them any fighter out climbs them

That is bought primarily by bot accounts these days. It’s removal will play a hand in clearing that BR range of them. Removing it is only a boon to the game at this junction in time.

I’m not opposed to this.

just fix matchmaking
besides that is a botting problem itself not a ju288c problem

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MM was already adjusted because of it.

It didn’t solve jack shit. As I already said, that ship already sailed years ago.

Botting is mostly an issue in top tier Air and naval. There is botting around 3.7-4.0 air, relegated solely to premium bombers that are easily removed from the match equation via shooting them down. 6.0 is the botting anomaly range solely because of the 288. Remove it from sale, and that problem self-corrects.

adjust like in top tier, german in every team with ju288cs split in them, this wasnt done yet

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These aircraft are annoying and/or unbalanced, but don’t completely ruin the matchmaker, making them incomparable

it is to the response to the good farming vehicles, it is comparable since it is germanys only real good farmer, everything else is nothing special or dogshit

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