How to fix the br of the ju288C

  • Give Max bomb load of 2 2500kg bombs
  • No I don’t want more boom
  • Give 2 2500kg bombs and raise its br to 6.3

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  • Give 2 2500kg
  • I don’t want bigger boom

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Just give it its max bomb load of 2 2500kg bombs then up ter it to 7.0 and then it will be better placed


did you ever look at the speed of 7.0 aircraft? they travel up to 200 km/h faster and the weaponry of the ju 288c is not that strong if people wouldnt just engange from the back it has a giant ass dead zone where it cant shoot, the bomb load would only raise the br by like 0,3 maybe 0,7, and that is not even the possibility that it could meet 8,0 at that point where it is completly missplaced, generaly if matchmaking is better it would get more uptiers and that would help arleady as well so it fights against 7.0 more but not raise it to 7.0


It’s fine at 6.0.


Winrate is already too low for 6.0. Last time I checked it was around 38% WR.

You’re not a staff member so you don’t know the win rate.
And win rate is mostly to skill of the team.



well that and the screwed matchmaking with 4 ju 288cs in one team and the others being full of fighters in a 7 vs 7


honestly he doesnt he has a lot of valid points

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"win rate is mostly to skill of the team’ is a valid point when it comes to Ju’s?

He plays the game a lot. He obviously should know how that BR range is purely JU’s territory and there’s not much you can do if you get them in your team.

That’s not to mention half of those Ju’s are bots.


Ignoring the bots if the ju 288c players, would play right they take can easily take out 1-2players in that part yeah skill issue, those that pnly bomb are the problem but that is part of their skill and not wanting to learn how to do it right

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Most are indeed bots. But even if not, there’s not much you can do. Ju-288 has not the loadout to influence any match in its favor. Just two good bomb drops or 8 weak ones…alot strike aircraft around its BR have much more strike capability to influence ticket bleed. Also air to air it can’t do alot vs. superprops.

Not to speak about that you can’t do ground attack runs in a 4 bomber + 2 fighter contellation, if the enemy team is fully stacked with fighters, often superior ones.

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Sorry dude - you Number “1” is not correct.

Part of the Ju 288 suggestion from 2014, proving that 2 x SC 2500 are possible.
And a lot of other German planes could carry them, including Ju 88…

Gaijin simply refuses to implement these actual (and historical) load outs due to a mix of “balance” and “reasons”.

Your number 2 is ok.

Even with 2 x SC 2500 there is no need for a BR increase. Why?
If we all agree that 288s are mainly used for basebombing in Air RB - the current 2 x SC 1800 kills already a base. There are just a handful of maps with “tank gatherings” like on Smolensk. But these bulk targets appear mid to late game - at this point of time most Ju 288s are already dead.

For Ground RB - Not my mode. But if i see a Pe 8 at 4.3 with FAB 5.000, why not a 6.0 Ju 288 with 2 SC 2500?


Didn’t realize 2500 wasn’t that much of a size increase.


At least give 1 2500KG bomb I need more firepower in ground

I think it might be better suited at 6.3. Purely because it is pretty fast and has a decent turret coverage compared to quite a few other BR6 bombers.

But yeah, with other bombers finally getting their full bomb load, like the Lancaster, i think the 288 should get its historic bomb load. I’d stick in a detailed bug report for it

Before the wing speed change sure.
But since it wing rips at 660kph… nah.

With the bigger bombs in GRB, might need to be done. I consider the Ju288C on a tightrope between 6.0/6.3. Could be either currently, but wouldnt take much to push it up

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2 x 2500kg bombs would hopefully bring more people to play it as cas plane instead of a bomber.

Instead of the 4x bombers per side max, make it 2x and put 2 on each side.

IE. At 6.0 Germany will be on both sides with a max of 2x JU288s.


Create a poll - the 3.0 Ju 88 A-4 was able to carry it too. Much easier, less resistance as for Ju 288 as almost anybody has negative experiences with or against them. I mean the BR of the Ju 88 A-4 increased extremely fast without correct loadouts like 4 x SC 500 from 2.3 to 3.0 - so it would be more than fair to give it the SC 2500 at the same BR…

If you have issues with the SC 1800 - have in mind that they nerfed them regarding explosion/destruction radius. I remember that i killed in Air RB some years ago frequently 12, often 13 medium ai tanks on the Sicily map - with 2 drops within first 3 minutes on both assembling areas - and you got 300 points for each of them. Combined with a SL booster and antimech order you were able to get 250-270k SLs in under 4 minutes…