French to German players about Swiss ground

There are a handful of Swiss vehicles that I’ve been looking at to start asking to be added to France to fill dead or empty spaces. I know me being ine person likely won’t be able to get enough push going to be added but instead trying to coordinate what vehicles best fit into where could prevent headache.

This might seem a little naive or childish at first, but I’m genuinely hoping to see what thoughts anyone has. Maybe if someone wants one added to Germany instead or there’s a different vehicle they wouldn’t mind seeing in France.
Any other Swiss vehicles I don’t care for and are free to go to Germany without any complaints.

Similarly, there’s vehicles in Belgium that can be split between France and Germany to further flesh out our respective line ups.

This has the FL-20 turret on the Mowag Shark, which can be used with 9.3. Rheinmetall made a separate turret for the chassis as well which can go to Germany.

Something on the same platform that can likely go into 9.3-9.7 as a high tier gun spaa.

This has very similar doctrine to the AMX-30 and would give a reason to build around 8.0 to serve alongside AMX-13’s like it did IRL. The 90mm or 20pdr could likewise go to Germany for the M48, or maybe the 105mm can go to both.

I say this one specific Leopard 2 for France because the modular composite and FCS are supposedly derived from the Leclerc. The smoke system looks suspiciously to much like the GALIX on the Leclerc as well.
5-RUAG Leopard 2A4

Then the likely never come into the game because it’s so blatantly overpowered. Where you can overmatch ERA with HEAT. (This is what you’re missing out on by not wanting the 140mm for the MGCS)

Then the last minute Mirage IIIS, in case the IIIEX isn’t added for something the replace the Milan. Here’s to hoping Germany gets the F/A-18!

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I’m sorry, friend, but your discussion sounds like this - France needs this, this and this, you can have another vehicles…
For the most part, Germany needs an assault aircraft, which Switzerland has

In any case it’s modernized leo2a4

speaking of strike aircraft neither country is yet to receive the alpha jet surprisingly

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i would almost call it a budget embt

France doesn’t necessarily absolutely need these vehicles. I’m just showing the vehicles that I’m interested in because they can have a place in France. If you just want to complain then go ahead, I’m not obligated to take you seriously.
I’m simply wondering if any of these vehicles are something the the German player base has been wanting, or if there other vehicles people think would make more sense.

The other guy is right, there’s the Alpha jet. Why haven’t the Germans been pushing that nonstop?

In the case of the RUAG 2A4, there are vehicles like the T-90S and possibly the T-80U if you want to stretch it. Germany won’t miss 1 Leopard. Meanwhile it could give France something other then Leclercs after the AMX-32’s.

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I wouldnt try to talk reasonably to german mains, most of them have strawberry tinted windows. Germany has plenty of vehicles as is, and france definitely could do with some backup in the 9.0-11.0 area, so any of these leopards or potential AA systems would fill gaps. I’d love to see these vehicles added to france, though i suspect the 140mm Gunned leopard proabably will (and probably should)come to germany as i believe France did try a leclerc with a 140mm gun, as did many other nations, so that will be the expansion to top teir ground for the future.

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I took a quick look. It looks like Rheinmetall actually prototyped a 140mm on a 2A4 themselves. I would say the auto loaded 140mm might be to strong for the game anyways, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Oh we did for a long ass time, most recently during the whole Hunter spectacle, but at this point we just gave up, we are pushing for so many things, alpha jet, Kf41, fixing the PUMA IFV we are just exhausted since it all doesnt get any results.
About your list german playerbase propably gonna fight for any leopard variant and the best situation would be both nations getting the 140mm version from my perspective, besides that yeah germany could dearly need the F/A 18.
The other vehicles i myself dont directly see any isssues with going to france

I understand as well that the variety for france might be nice to add a Leopard, but it feels like Leoapards are worse then russian vehicles at this point for top tier being given to everyone and many future nations potentialy would get Leopards as well again


Another good example where is frenchs DF105 equivalent. The french community fought ahrd for the SK-105A2 and got it, but in the end at one point gave up on the DF105 because they got tired


to be fair that should be filled with french light tanks and other vehicles , the leopard variant isnt needed for that

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I’m more speaking from just an MBT standpoint. There’s definitely no clear answer, which is why I’ve been thinking the RUAG 2A4 can possibly go to both since it gives France something other then the Leclerc after the AMX-32 and would give a tank with actual armor. While Germany gets a Leopard with some French inspired flair that could be useful.

Ps: I also understand the feeling for the Alpha jet and strike aircraft. French ground has had vehicle types kept from us for years that we’re just suddenly starting to get now. Most of our top tier vehicles are nerfed for “balance” as well.

This looks exactly like post this but with different arguments which are just as bad. Especially the suggestion of splitting a nation up, by far the worst take about this topic so far. Both giving each nation different vehicles or both the same are bad outcomes.

There’s no compelling reason to assign modern Swiss equipment to France, and barely any reason to give them WWII/Cold War era equipment either. The majority of modern and old equipment is either Swiss, German, American, British, collaborations with them or inspired by them. They are not French with the only outliers being the amx-13, mirage (which we don’t use anymore) and helicopters.

The lack of a French line-up between the Leclerc and the amx-30 is not a excuse to give them a Swiss subtree as there are more than enough vehicles to plug that. Claiming a tank has certain similar features to another tank is a horrible excuse to give Swiss vehicles to France. Gaijian has already given the Swiss hunter to Germany, it will probably not change in the future.

Neither countries should receive Swiss vehicles and Switzerland should instead be an independent tree.


This man gets it, If isreal can be a tree with 90% the same vehicles why cant we :D

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Switzerland would have both a more interesting air tree and an arguably better ground tree than Israel.
It absolutely does not deserve to be cucked by being added in nations that can stand on their own.


question is what would be a worth 11.7 tank. As much as i love the 87 WE, i doubt its good enough to perform at 11.7

This was shown at an event ~2 months ago. “Leopard 2A7 CHE”

nah not realy, switzerland by far has not enough vehicles

Let’s come up with some new jokes.

well show us a possible whole tree , there is a reason it doesnt have a suggestion yet