Germany should not take Swiss vehicles

So far, I’ve been hearing strange stories on forums and other places about the need to add Swiss vehicles to Germany. I want to show here that they are wrong.


Switzerland received a lot of influence from Germany, including operating German-made aircraft and tanks.


Only a small part of it is true. Although Switzerland operated German-made aircraft and tanks, France, Britain, and the United States had the greatest influence on Switzerland. Switzerland used the Me 109 imported from Germany during World War II and created the D-3800 series using technology acquired from French engineers. And after the end of World War II, Switzerland imported and used Vampire, Venom, and Hunter from Britain, and in the 1960s, it produced Mirage IIIS under license from France and used them until 1999. Additionally, Switzerland currently operates the F-5E and F/A-18, and is expected to receive the F-35A in a few years. Now let’s look at the tank part. During World War II, Switzerland operated a tank based on a Czech-made tank called the Panzer 39. And Switzerland imported and used the ST-I from Czechoslovakia under the name Panzerjäger G13 after the war. Also, Switzerland imported about 200 Centurion tanks from Britain and South Africa. In addition, Switzerland independently developed and operated several tanks, including the Panzer 58, Panzer 61, and Panzer 68, and the Swiss company MOWAG also manufactured and supplied several armored vehicles to the military. The current Swiss Army tank is the Panzer 87, a Swiss variant based on the Leopard 2A4. Also, the Swedish CV90 AFV is also being operated. If Switzerland had been greatly influenced by Germany, it would have introduced and used the Leopard 1 instead of making its own tanks.


Switzerland is a Germanic and German-speaking country like Germany, so it should be included in the German tech tree.


This is also only partially true. Although German is widely used in Switzerland, the four official languages ​​spoken in Switzerland are German, French, Italian, and Rumantsch. Also, Switzerland is not a Germanic country. If Switzerland had been a Germanic country, its name would have been Confederatio Germanici, not Confederatio Helvetica.


Switzerland was a friendly country to Germany during World War II.


Germany attempted to invade Switzerland during World War II, but gave up. And Switzerland also considered Germany a potential enemy. If Switzerland was friendly with Germany, why did General Henri Guisan build bunkers on the border and prepare hundreds of thousands of troops? Of course, Switzerland was involved in Nazi money laundering, but this does not prove that the two countries were friendly.


The 3 arguments you used aren’t used by players nor Gaijin.
Swiss equipment goes to Germany and not France because of how little equipment Switzerland has, their neutrality, and it being the general sensible move. Germany has more to gain from it than France does, as France has more equipment overall especially in air.


How on earth can that be a reasonable way? And the German Air Force tech tree has more vehicles than the French Air Force tech tree. Switzerland has enough equipment to create its own tech tree, so why add Swiss vehicles to the German tech tree?


Switzerland does not have enough vehicles to make their own tech tree.
Where’s Germany’s 9.7 - 10.0 multi-role with advanced air to ground ordnance other than Hunter F58?

they did not look at the swiss hunter and then chose where it goes, they looked at the unavailability of German Guided CAS and then chose the swiss hunter as a solution




There are enough vehicles. Just because you don’t know doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And forcing the addition of completely unrelated equipment just because there is not enough equipment in the tech tree is ruining the game.

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adding austria to the mix cuz you don’t have enough otherwise?

The Swiss Hunter doesn’t have any connection with Germany, but was added to the German TT. It was a bad decision.

I already told you why I think they added it to Germany

There is no problem with a Swiss tree without Austria in the tree. It’s actually better than the Swedish Air TT.

first things first, I don’t oppose it

but I may still add an important thing to that, the swiss Air tree would be looked at just like the chinese and Israeli tree were, as copy and paste low effort TT that won’t get a lot of players

It may looks like a C&P. However, Switzerland improved its vehicles to suit its own circumstances.

so did Israel, not many people playing Israel

Sir, you can make a tree to see possibility, but you have to realize it’s sparse on top of BRs being a bit silly; Commenting on your air.
Austria doesn’t need added to it, it’s pure copy-paste for both, and people aren’t fully on board having only having 6 or 7 unique ground vehicles for Hungary.
I can admit ground is good, BUT a ground tech tree isn’t something supported.

Maybe you could combine the Swiss ground tree with a large air tree from another nation.
Maybe someone’s idea of having a tree connected to another tree for matchmaking & lineups could be implemented into your thoughts.
IDK the full answer to this critique I have.

Oh, and Swedes have more aircraft.

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south africa was added to britain does that mean britain didn’t have enough for a tree?

switzerland is not israel.
switzerland has a lot of unique vehicles starting in rank 1

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This is the thing people need to understand. It’s a cart and horse thing. Gaijin’s concern (correctly) is game balance and continual addition of new content. They will identify gaps, and fill them. The way they justify those gaps is PR rationalisations.

Would there be a more elegant, holistic way of doing this, instead of this imperfect amalgamation? Yes, absolutely, we had a thread about it just yesterday. But mate, we now have an IT/HUN tech tree in the game. Including communist Hungarian vehicles from the other side of the Iron Curtain. We have Taiwan and China in the same tree. What are we even talking about? The ship you’re complaining about sailed a long, long time ago.

This was my proposal, yes.

Under my suggested system of tech trees being “foldered” into four thematic folders that you can build lineups from, Switzerland would be under the international/export/wildcard folder. Which would be an amazing one with very little need for copypaste.

yes, britain was missing Light vehicles and Wheely bois at top tier

okay, still doesn’t make britain a bad tree, they could’ve gotten their own light vehicles that they still need anyway

Sweden aircraft=39
Swiss aircraft in Alpine TT(excluding hornets and F-35A)=58