RUAG Leopard 2A4 Upgrade

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4-RUAG Leopard 2A4

In 2013 a new upgrade package for Leopard 2 A4 was presented by the Swiss company RUAG, called “Leopard 2 Mid-Life”, the package not only improves the overall performance of the vehicle, but further extends the useful life of the Leopard 2A4. The kit consists of new composite packages to improve protection by reaching current standards and an improved fire control system. RUAG has also added a new modular armor package with composite armor. This is mounted on the front and sides of the hull and turret for fighting in urban areas. Modular side armor can defeat RPG-7 attacks and AP rounds at level 6, STANAG 4569. The modules to be applied to the tank can be tailored according to the threat present in a given operation, and damaged modules can be easily replaced in the field. There are also laser warning sensors in the kit. The tanks updated with this package always feature the 120mm L/44 cannon, 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and 12.7mm remote machine gun mounted on the turret. The commander also has a new 360 ° panoramic optic with thermal sensor. The Swiss Army did not consider this upgrade, hence RUAG has proposed it to foreign customers.


5-RUAG Leopard 2A4
7-RUAG Leopard 2A4
1-RUAG Leopard 2A4


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+1 for germany


+1 if only for the awesome camo!

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+1 for the Swiss tree


Swiss potential is huge, would like to see this one too, +1 from me

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@Headnaught you propably could go ahead and either close or delete this one , the Ruag upgrade while looking intresting doesnt exist, it was never produced the offical museum where the “prototype” is standing says it is only mock ups, the actual armor was never used

Well that’s unfortunate for supporters of this suggestion, but it’s still a functional Leopard 2 even if the add-on armor was purely cosmetic. The suggestion doesn’t necessarily need to be removed and I will give the original poster discretion in that regard.

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eh fair, guess its kind of a steel vismod then, might make a funky event vehicle or similar. At the very least it has a RCWS so thats nice