French to German players about Swiss ground

Feel free not to comment on a country’s capabilities before delving into it first.



Air :



funnily enough it is accepted as addition as a branch tree for germany lol

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i dont know how old that ground tree proposition is, but those tanks arent 11.0 or 12.0 worthy lol

Yes, we tried with my friend @ЧВК_Вагнер

The given battle ratings are of no concern.
What matters is that it shown the capacity for a fully fledged tree to be possible and healthy.

neither are arietes yet they are 11.7 and 11.3

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with completly missing top tier yeah sure…

difference is italy will receive more and better tanks as well

I would like to point out Israel’s complete lack of low ranks, which quite fundamental to a fair few amount of people. There is still a significant part of the War Thunder playerbase that does not care for top tier and would much rather play low, mid or just high tier.
Hell, even just edging near top tier yet not quite being there in BRs such as 10.0 is popular, so I see this as a non-issue.

Also, earlier I was a bit passive-aggressive and would like to apologize for that.

Unless its the 2A8, 2A7HU or upgraded ariete, no they wont. Same boat as Switzerland, objectively in a worse state.

problem is that most new players come for the newest shiniest toys and the biggest part of the playerbase is more focused to the higher tiers, with switzerland being less focused their it might not be profitable enough for gajin

ah you added the 2A7HU already as well, but yeah those do count and makes it a better boat then switzerland, additonaly italy joined the MGCS project and hungary is intrested in getting the KF51 Panther on top, as it stands italy looks more future proof then germany MBT wise

you say that, yet OP premiums like the VIDAR, obj 279, kv 220, somua and 2S38 are all very strong tanks. If gaijian makes the most money from top tier, why add the VIDAR, why add any low-tier at all? Why not nerf the 279 or kv 220 if they don’t bring in money.

of course other ranks make money as well, but the biggest money maker still is top tier, their is MANY players skipping ranks or instantly buying mods etc or top tier squadrons etc etc

While it is fair that most incomes do come from high tier sales, this does not mean that it would be an unpopular nation due to it’s unique vehicles.
What’s important in the hype surrounding these high tier vehicles is marketing of course, but one could just as easily market other sections of a nations point of interest and gain interest for that area too.

Besides, Switzerland isn’t a country that’s seized to exist nor is it stuck in the past.
It will acquire new systems to further it’s capabilities and has done so with the F-35.
Their army will more than likely receive new vehicles too, meaning they would be able to keep up with other nations.

Every tree when added is skeletal and gets fleshed out over time. By the time that Switzerland is at a state of proper stability they would likely already have received new stuff to expand their top BRs anyways, given how long it takes for Gaijin to buffer out trees if it isn’t an explosive expansion through a sub-tree which Switzerland would likely get as well, considering that while it is good, it’s certainly no France or Germany.

Yet alongside that there is an even greater deal that joins the game F2P and just plays casually, for which the excellent Swiss low and mid tier are very well suited.

KF51 is atleast another 3-4 years away from being ready, let alone any modifications or production changes that happen at the minimum. You are also forgetting that Italy didn’t specify number, version or when they would arrive, the common claim is 133 leopard 2A7V / 2A8 over a timespan of 2024-2037, they have also not been approved yet so good luck with that. The only thing that we 100% know is actually going to happen is the ariete upgrade. Claiming the KF51 is the “ultimate tank” is the same as saying the T-14 is the best tank.

That’s some extremely wishful thinking.

the KF51 is about as ready for service as the MGCS program. Its just a expensive leopard upgrade for now.

the point is that italy is future proof currently and has fantastic prospects for the future . i am not saying KF51 is the best or the 2a8 etc etc, but it is gonna be better then the current arietes