Following the Roadmap: grouping vehicles, rank changes, and improvements to premium vehicles

Will modifiers for SL and RP change for vehicles that will be moved up a tier?

Love reducing the grind on the grind, but many folders are very weird and also unintuitive to remember for new players. Generally players don’t like different airframes/chassis foldered together (and also contradicts the excuse of wanting players to try a diversity of vehicle types back when Gaijin tried to unfolder vehicles). My suggestions:

  • Folder the B-25s. There’s no difference other than a single extra gun.
  • Unfolder the F7F. Too unique (and strong) to be foldered.
  • Compensating for the previous unfolder, folder F4U-4, 4B, and 1C together. Similar enough to folder.
  • Folder the F6Fs together again. Players should have a choice if they want to upgrade to a punchier plane at the cost of weight and BR.
  • I understand why the giant SB 2M folder was split, but make the SB 2M folder split more even. Ie, 4 in the first folder, the last 2 foldered under the Ar-2.
  • Unfolder DB-3 and IL-4. Different airframes.
  • Compensating for the previous unfolder, folder Hurricane Mk IV and Tempest Mk V (Vickers). These two are specialized for mixed battles, so don’t force Air RB players to grind both of them.
  • Folder Spitfire Mk IX with the Mk Vs, leave the clipped wing Mk XVI alone. XVI has a unique playstyle for a Spitfire.
  • Folder Ki-44s together. And folder Ki 61 otsu and ko. Mixing them is insanity.
  • Although I hate the increasing the grind, unfolder N1K1. Great plane, shouldn’t be skipped.
  • Move the T-18B folder to the attacker line, to fill the gap.
  • Folder KV-1 L-11 and ZiS-5. KV-85 ends up by itself. Very similar, and players will play the KV-1S already to try the ZiS-5 gun. KV-85 is unique (and powerful) and should not be skipped.
  • Move KV-2 to tank destroyer line. Not really a heavy tank in its play style.
  • Folder the T-34-85s. Too similar.
  • Compensating for the previous folder, unfolder T-34E STZ.
  • Folder the BT-7s. 25% extra horsepower isn’t enough of a difference to be apart.
  • Unfolder the Su-57B. Too unique.
  • Folder the Rooikats together and the Olifants together. Duh.
  • Folder the French F6Fs together. Same reason as the suggested US F6F folder.
  • For Sweden, folder the Comet on top of the T-34-85 instead. The Comet is already in the bottom of a folder in the British tree after all.
  • Folder Strv 101 and 104 together, and folder Strv 103s together. Strv 103s are the poster child of the Swedish tree, why make it skippable?
  • Folder the Marder IIIs together. Similar enough to warrant it.
  • Unfolder and move Sd.Kfz.221 (s.Pz.B.41) to light tank line. Armoured car with light gun does not belong with the tank destroyers.
  • Folder StuG III A and F.
  • Folder Dicker Max and Sturer Emil, leave the 8,8cm Flak alone.
    - I don’t see the Jagdpanzer 38(t)?
  • Unfolder Ferdinand and Jagdtiger. Both are too unique.
  • Compensating for the previous unfolder, folder the Tiger IIs. Slightly better turret armor isn’t different enough.
    - Unfolder Nashorn and Waffentrager. Unique chassis.
    - Compensating for the previous unfolder, folder the Tigers. Slightly better turret armor and a slightly less bumpy turret traverse isn’t different enough.

KV-85 is unique (and powerful) and should not be skipped.

Let player decide what is good for him.

They are basically destroying any ability to use many vehicles for events with US vehicles. The P-51 C, F4U-1D, B-25J-20, SB2Cs in aviation, Of course many those same vehicles in other nations aren’t getting put down to rank II. Same issues in the tank lines. Identical Vehicles that are American design getting placed at a lower rank negating their research and event point efficiency yet in other nations that got those vehicles are getting rank increases or getting to stay at rank their current rank.

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At this point I’d almost rather they just drop the plan all together. Some similar vehicles that are already foldered together are being refoldered with aircraft not even remotely similar.


Thanks for all of your feedback surrounding this topic — we’ve collected and passed a good amount. We’ll soon be updating you with more information, and you’ll also be able to try these changes on the dev server, coming soon.


The way they handled germany was easily the worst, we had to disect it so hard in our proposal

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Fair enough. I suppose we’ll just keep the KV-85 foldered and optional so that both KV-1s are mandatory to grind instead, that definitely makes far more sense.

the changes are very much a double edged sword … some good things, but mostly as window dressing to hide the bad things happening in the background.

lots of TT vehicles getting moved down in rank, in many cases removing the ability to use them for tasks/events, in all cases lowering their research potential significantly. Also, pretty nasty kick in the teeth for anyone who bought talisman for those vehicles … pay 1800GE for M36 talisman for example only for Gaijin to go “hahahaha, now it is one rank lower so the bonus from talisman you paid for goes poof thanks to rank difference penalty kicking in earlier, hahahahaha”. And this is why Gaijin is screaming so loudly about premium vehicles not decreasing in rank … because they really really don’t want to talk about all the other monetized things directly tied to vehicle rank, things that players spent money on and that are now for many vehicles going to be significantly downgraded (talismans, ace crews, modules bought for GE, …).

premium vehicles that are getting rank increase look like they were selected mostly based on the “what premium vehicle needs excuse for significant price increase?” criteria … and it is funny to see identical premium vehicles in different tech trees like Strv 81 (RB52) getting different treatment … swedish one is still being sold → price hike time & rank increase, the one in UK tech tree isn’t being sold anymore so it stays at rank4.

and I’d really like to hear some detailed information about how the vehicle grouping will influence module research costs (and SL/GE prices) … because it is still possible that Gaijin will be Gaijin and do some “creative” adjustments for module grind to compensate for the vehicle grouping changes


So, I’m quite confused: why is the Centurion Mk 3 a Rank IV vehicle while the Strv 81 a Rank V vehicle ?


In the Swedish tech tree, the T18B gets a downgrade. Since there are no aircraft in that line until Rank V, will there still be a 70% research penalty? Will any talismans be refunded for downgraded aircraft?

I don’t agree with you 100%, I think that the bushes should not be turned off, but decorations like tracks, dwarfs or strange shields, definitely, and when someone says that people pay for others to look, somehow wow and wow there is a possibility to hide the whole skin that can cost 60$ and somehow no one complains, and it can be done so as not to spoil the immersion, because not everyone wants to see a kv-1 with a warning signal and a cake with the wermacht insignia, it hurts the eyes

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I just noticed they are moving the Vautours up to Rank 6.

Finally, no more airspawning andys who crash intentionally at the first sign of danger after dropping their bombs.

I wonder if those tier6 tanks go to tier7, will their modification RP increase at the same time?

My little suggestion: dont move vehicles between TT branches unless it is decided by vehicle category (eg.: putting TDs together)
Moving them left and right can ruin careful research planning when someones goal is a certain top tier tech.

It would be nice to get the finalized version of the trees, along with the new RP and SL changes for ranks VI and VII soon. So we can start to prepare for the upcoming sales.

Price increases for a Russian store packs: Пересмотр цен на премиумные наборы - Новости - War Thunder

Israel is the least updated nation and in every new patch that comes by I see that Israel is often excluded from changes while a majority of nations are somehow updated.
Why does this keep happening? There are literally dozens of open bug reports, hundreds of suggestions, and nothing is acted upon.

Now I have F-16 ADF but I researched but did not buy F-16A, when they will be grouped, will I have to purchase F-16A to research F-16C Block 50?

depends on the dev server, if they group the f16c after the a as well, you will need to research it