Fixing engine overheating and engine degradation

I’ve heard this too, auto engine controls on WEP decide to close radiators fully.

Specific planes are, however, wrongly-modeled thermodynamics-wise. For instance, the F8F “Reactorcat” being infamous for such antics. Its engine is shared by the Tigercats and of course the B-29/Tu-4. And its especially bad on the two bombers.


you can show declassified documents and they don’t seem to care, shame

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What we are talking about?

The behaviour of the player affect the informations?

That’s why i am asking. I am 100%% ok with the automatic engine controls screwing you over because it makes stupid decisions. I am not ok with the modelling being wrong.

This is clearly another mistake from gaijin, who despite having an extremely easy solution do not bother to correct the problem and simply close reports and forget about it.
For me a simple solution is for the radiators of all airplanes to open in relation to the temperature regardless of what the radiator has to open. For example, the P-51, after a few minutes the engine heats up to the point of having to gradually lower the power mainly because the radiator does not open enough to cool, and the funniest thing is that when you lower the power you see how it opens more. The key to the solution would be that the radiators are opened as much as necessary to keep the engine at the optimal temperature at all times, as when the power was lowered to less than 50%, the radiators were opened so that they could do more. air resistance, and then add one more WEP to the airplanes, being that when going from 100% to WEP the radiators would continue to operate, opening with respect to the engine temperature, and when turning the mouse wheel the WEP would be even more serious, closing the radiators maximizing speed at the cost of quickly overheating the engine

Of course each engine is different and suffered from different overheating, so with correct automatic radiators what would happen is that some airplanes would need to have the radiator more open than others, apart from the fact that with the passage of time certain engines would get hotter, with so the radiators should be opened more and more during the game.

That is objectively not a bug cause it’s not a bug report on specific vehicles’ engines with sources about those vehicles parameters.
Not sure how anyone can read that and think they’re talking about a bug.

Gaijin listening to the community is not the dark ages as you imply.

They are making a rather bad WEP suggestion as well, which of course isn’t a bug.

Which was not reported on the bug report site. If the automatic parameter is wrong, that’s for 1 aircraft and evidence needs to be shown to correct it.

I don’t bug report props personally, and I would never have a bug report of that low in quality personally.


On a subject that wasn’t a bug… and seemingly poorly formatted their suggestion.

Bad reviews did not improve War Thunder, those that sent feedback via the feedback form did.
Simulator devs aren’t obligated to listen to their clients: See Eagle Dynamics, one of the least feedback-friendly devs in the genre.

So yeah, as I was saying @MOBB , what you described in your bug report is not a bug.
It doesn’t specify which aircraft are bugged, it seemingly provides no sources for specified aircraft, and it houses a bad suggestion about WEP.

Your other posts claiming that players are wrong is not helpful when you’re trying to rally support.

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Regarding Throttle controls, when bound to an axis it is very problematic, that’s why I wrote a setup guide:
Throttle Setup Guide for 0-100% with a WEP button hold toggle: - Game Discussion / Realistic Battle - War Thunder — official forum

Regarding the issue of incorrect radiator settings when using auto engine control, I have marked all aircraft in the chart linked below with an “(H)” if it has an overheating issue, usually linked to the radiator, in auto engine control. Scroll down to the detailed description and it will tell you in detail what is wrong with the aircraft and how to correct it. Example: click on the link, then go to usa then look at any of the P-47s in the chart, then scroll down to the detailed description.
Air RB Performance Guide - Master Thread: - Game Discussion / Realistic Battle - War Thunder — official forum

If Gaijin chooses to address this, the link above outlines exactly what the issues are and some solutions that I have found. At 100% throttle, having engine degradation and overheat start at approx 4:30 into my flight and engine death start at approx 14 min in my P-47D isnt a good player experience. My goal is, simply, to help make the game better so I’m providing the information above in the links. Gaijin, please read it or forward to someone who is in a position to act. @Stona_WT @Smin1080p

Thank you,