Fixing engine overheating and engine degradation

Im trying to get the overheating engines and engine degradation in the game fixed. I have submitted a bug report regarding the issue. If you could go to the link below and click “I have same issue” box that would help move this forward toward a fix. Thank you.

Incorrect auto radiator settings, details included // // Issues


Closed with “not a bug” - 30 minutes ago…

@Stona_WT @Smin1080p :

I mean closing this report looks like a return to dark age of wt. Despite it is obvious that various parameters are simply not correct implemented - asking for a suggestion is simply not comprehensible.

What happened to “We heard you!” or “We appreciate constructive player feedback”?

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So, they closed the bug report saying its not a bug. This is how things went last time I tried to get this fixed and its really disheartening to get the run around when all I’m trying to do is help gaijin fix their game.

To say an incorrect setting that destroys the players engine is not a bug is absurd.

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Ok, well now its pending review under suggestions. Lets see what happens.

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Many planes have such “questionable” engine settings. We’re all familiar with the Reactorcats (both Beercan and Tigers), but the British Centaurus-engined Tempest II and B-48 Firecrest are just as bad.

Oh, and who can forget the Ki-83.

Likely the disparity stems from the “if you pushed the engine to this setting for X amount of minutes, plane MUST be serviced when you land” found in many manuals being translated & interpreted as “you can only WEP for X amount of minutes or it will destroy your engine.”

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its much more basic, its simply auto radiators simply set wrong is a good example of an objectively wrong setting. There’s a lot more that I can show gaijin, if they care to see it, that is simply things that need to be fixed.

Closed with “not a bug” - 30 minutes ago…

This is the most annoying thing, I make bug reports on things that seem like blatant bugs, instantly locked, not a bug, no explanation, no reasoning… they shouldn’t be able to close them without explaining it, but no accountability is the trend around here.

What happened to “We heard you!” or “We appreciate constructive player feedback”?

Bad reviews stopped and so did the damage control.

They’re really shooting themselves in the foot by shooting down anyone who still has the energy to go out of their way to report things to improve the game, I’ve stopped bug reports and player reports after repeatedly being shown that they do not care.


I have a quick question because the links in the report are links to links of links. What is the problem? That engine overheating is not accurate to real life manuals of what engine performance should be for those airframes?

Thanks for this question. So for the first question about links to lings to links, this is because I was told to take this to the bug report, then the bug report was closed and I was told to take to a suggestion, then I was told to make it a bug report again, so… link to a link to a link.

Regarding overheating, its way simpler, its that the radiator on auto is set to 111 degrees C, the engine overheats at 109 degrees C. It should be reconfigured to a threshold of 109 degrees C. So there is an issue with the auto radiator management. in game it opens to only 20% (111 C) when it needs to be at 24% (109 C).

Not to muddy the waters but, in addition, regarding engine degradation, the P47D has engine degradation (turning yellow) after 4 minutes of flight at 100% throttle and dying (Black) at 14 minutes. You can see the overheat threshold drop at 4min from 255 degrees C to 254 and just keeps dropping. Keep in mind, it takes a p47d about 7:47 min to get to 6000m not including distance it needs to cover to get to the enemy.

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And my suggestion was deleted from the suggestion section. All this effort to give feedback and it was hoop after hoop just to get round filed in the trash. Nothing has changed at Gaijin, its still a punitive business model where the customer is always wrong.


How many times we need to repeat?
If you have questions related to Suggestion - send PM to Suggestion Modeartor. He will give you all the details you need to add to get your suggestion approved.
Instead, you decided to break forum rules.


Dont use the wep constantly an you wont overheat on most planes, it is pretty simple, and historical accurate as most planes couldn’t use wep constantly. And if you want more control in the radiators use the manual control.

I am confused about the report.

Am i reading it right that the issue isn’t wrong modelling of the engines but that the automatic engine controls do a bad job?

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Thank you for answering the question of if I should bother to update the performance guide. I wont bother since you have made it perfectly clear that constructive feedback is not welcome. I tried to help you and instead of taking the feedback and simply saying “thank you for the feedback” you respond with the above hostile statement.

I was trying to give YOU information to help make YOUR game better, not mine. If you want to be dismissive, punitive and then tell me how I went back and forth from bug report to suggestions and broke a forum rule, then maybe the rules to make a simple suggestion are overly prohibitive. Also, I think you miss the point of the spirit of which this feedback came from for YOUR benefit to make a better game for everyone who experiences it.

If you want the game to stay broken, in a state of less than what it could be then keep things the way they are and never change for the better. Its really unfortunate that nothing has changed in the last few years at Gaijin.



You’re taking this so hard/personal when it isn’t that serious. Why does it have to be all or nothing with everyone in this forum? It wasn’t approved, so ask them why it wasn’t and move on. I’ve had like 5 suggestions not get approved to be posted and they told me why, and it wasn’t even that serious. Follow the process.

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I was trying to give YOU information to help make YOUR game better, not mine.

Somehow you always gotta jump through hoops as if you want something from them rather than you going out of their way to try and improve their game.

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Imho this has nothing to do with WEP.

If overheating with AEC (Automatic Engine Control) happens at 100% throttle because the overheating parameters are set wrong, it is a bug. Just read the this post again:

That engines are dying within minutes on 100% is just a bad joke.

What was not mentioned was WEP with AEC.

The time limits mentioned in aircraft manuals were aimed to extend the service life of engines. With some research you find out that for example DB 600-605 engines were used far longer with WEP if the pilot was in danger. Extreme examples over Normandy report from entire sorties flown with WEP by the Luftwaffe - their pilots gave a shit about service life, they wanted to survive.

That gaijin is unable or unwilling to adjust AEC parameters to allow WEP to be used with a dynamic control of rads is just embarrassing.

And even if you use MEC:

The game is unable to simulate the cooling effect of water-methanol or just water injection - in all aircraft. Try to fly a 190 F-8 with WEP & MW 50 - the temperatures for overheating decrease after a few minutes with with WEP - after 10-15 minutes you get a flashing red at 83° degree Celsius of the engine oil. And - historically correct - you have no manual rads for oil in 190 A/F models. And iirc: in 190 manuals WEP was limited to 3 minutes…

If you played long enough you will notice that Il-2 Sturmovik has exactly the same problems: Russian devs are unable or unwilling to setup everything outside USSR planes somehow correctly, but wt manages to nerf even USSR planes… Use Yak-3s with 97% power and you have no overheating, even with AEC, but with 100% you kill your engine in the long run…

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Cause that’s requires effort, which most people don’t want to do. Especially the OP.

Constructive feedback is welcome what you’re doing is not. Instead you’re throwing a tantrum and insulting both tech mods and devs. Furthermore challenging moderation as well. That’s why Stona yelled at you.

He went out of his way to write a bug report, then went out of his way to write a suggestion.

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