Fix damned spawnkilling

I note even with 2 spawns, with a map clearly showing a camp, with people shouting “use the other spawn”, then players will still spawn under a camp and moan.

I believe they did a heatmap of where people play on maps and used this to draw up the narrowed maps. In game issues are in part a result of what players bring; players have got so much more boring we now have reduced maps and players that can’t work out you need to do more than lemming train in “exciting” spots of maps as players sneak through to cut off reinforcements.

Reducing the tactical aspects of matches is just what the majority want, it is too much to think and everything must be handed on a plate.

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Word of the day ad-hominem

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XDDD yeah, betrays my age I suppose :)

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30-60 times people retreating to their spawn knowing you can’t die and killing those who push you into your spawn. This was a thing and you know what happened, people started to wait outside of your spawn for you to drive out when you did, you were shot from several directions since your open and exposed.

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As proposed above…

The guy you said thst to that is his typical behaviour on this forum. He is the kind of player that will rush enemy spawn if he dies early with out SP he will ODL

But players need to be encouraged to flank Capture points are not just the magic win, dont be a lemming

Just treat spawns as main bases

Buddy if your team folds in 5 minutes and gets boxed in a spawn, something went horribly wrong and no amount of handicaping will allow for your team to make a comback.

No team starts already boxed in. One team first needs to lose control of their side of map before they can be pushed all the way back to the spawn.

If that happens, then its the fault of losing team for being bad, not of the winning team being good.

If I win the control of the portion of the map that belongs to the enemy team and I push them to their spawn, why should i be punished by losing SL?

Are you seriously suggesting to punish people that play better than their opponents in some weird and twisted sense of fair play?

Whats next? Are you gonna propose that player that gets 5 kills without death should be highlighted on the minimap for the enemy team so they have a chance against better player?


They trade armor for speed, its their choice to spawn such vehicle. Its up to player to determine if its good or bad idea.

Just why should game be hand holding worse teams?

Teams start at equal time and equal distance from the centre of map in 99% cases. From the moment the contact is made, its entirely up to the players to NOT get boxed in a spawn. its PLAYERS responsibility to not get boxed in. If they cant do that, theres no helping them and they should simply get better at the game.


That was also done it doesn’t change anything. Every single idea you people have was implemented in the past. It always failed to stop spawn camping because one team or the other abuse the system to there own gain.

If this is true - of which I’m not sure but lack evidence of otherwise - than maybe it’s time to close this discussion. Yet to make my point for the last time, I consider spawnkilling/spawn-raiding as far worst evil than spawncamping.

No poo Sherlock. We know some of us have been dealing with it for over 7 years.
Aside that you seriously need a new name.

Probably one of the worst suggestions ive seen in a while not gonna lie.

Look, spawn killing most of the time falls into two categories, either the map has been designed extremely poorly where someone hiding behind a hill can shoot straight into your spawn as soon as you try to leave (i.e. Campagnia) or your team got utterly destroyed by the other team, where they managed to cap the points and now they can either wait for your team to go out of their spawn one by one picking them off or take the fight to them into the spawn.

The former can be very infuriating, however can most of the time be fixed by communication (tho lets be honest, warthunder players are about as receptive to communication as a brick wall), spawning in CAS, spawning at a different spawnpoint and flanking or just brute forcing it.

As for the latter, i dont give a shit how big your green circle of “bad sportsmanship” is gonna be, im gonna stick to the edge and yeet whoever tries to leave their spawn to ensure victory. You play to win, killing enemies is winning. Why in gods name should i let the enemy get into a flanking position or let the enemy fight back???
If i want to ensure that i win because that is the point of a competitive game, why should i get penalized for either me or my team being good???

Your suggestion makes absolutely no sense and it feels honestly like its purely motivated by the fact you got angry at getting spawncamped.

If youre being spawncamped by single dude, there are ways to deal with it in the game, if your team sucks ass and you got pushed to your spawn because you or your teammated couldnt hold a flank then you lost, simple as that. There shouldnt be handholding for shit teams, sometimes youre on top, sometimes you get fucked over, that is the game.

Also: I just remembered that there are countless maps, especially of the “Battle” gamemode variety where the defense caps are pretty much within 250-400m of the spawnpoints. Since they are this close your suggestion would basically make it so that fighting over the cap point, which is one of the victory options, would essentially penalize the attacking team.

Halfbaked idea


Lets not be negative!

How about circle of friendship and tolerance?

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Its fine, my 120mm cannon shoots rounds of respect and thoughtfullness, filled with love and appreciation at my temporary “not-friends”


The care bear abrams


What needs to be implemented is if you have outrightly lost the march, which happens often and you cant do shit about it is to be able to leave match with out crew lock. Instead of being punished for not using your full line up

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Agreed, crewlock is a horribly bad mechanic.
If i can see that 3 quarters of my team are gone because they are either bad, new, brought only 1 vehicle or they just got unlucky, why should I use up my entire lineup for me to only lose and waste time. Time that could have been used to play a different map where the game outcome might be a win or atleast a good close match.

Crewlock is an outdated and worthless mechanic that should be taken out, but knowing how often Gaijin changes things it probably will remain as it is for few more years, if ever it changes.

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Gaijin obviously added it with out much thought…


Spawncamping is trash. We all know this.
Basically everyone does it anyways, because the sooner you shut down the enemy team the better.
Map designs are garbage and make spawncamping stupid easy.
Lot of players have no awareness and make it easy to spawncamp them.

I’ve long lost count of how many times I died to a flanker I didn’t see prior, ping him on the map, then end up as the only one trying to uproot them because the gaggle of morons called my " team " ignored the ping and proceeded to give him free kills.

We can enlarge the maps, which Gaijin should.
We can add more spawn points, which Gaijin should.
We can improve the maps, which Gaijin should.

But none of that will improve player IQ. There will still be hordes of morons farmed for kills because they have the situational awareness of a salted snail. Spawncamping will live on no matter what for better or worse. If you can’t find a way to deal, then that’s on you.


That was also done and people did not care, they bummed and rushed into the spawn either way.
Any idea people can suggest for spawn killing has been implemented and outright removed. Cause it did not work.