Capture points are not just the magic win, dont be a lemming

Dont be a lemming and head stright to a Capture point and get shot in the rear. Spread out, form a front line, keep an eye on your mini map and remember the enemy is where your team is not so keep your head on a swivel.

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How absurd are you to expect tactics from teammates xD



Ha, cant count the amount of times i was shot by enemy that was either camping or moving through the middle of my team unimpended. Just because there are twenty friendly tanks holding that lane doesnt mean you are safe from enemy in that direction.


I politely disagree. Game tends to happen around control points, they are at their core, point of interest. Map control should be excercised around them because either A) you want to stop ticket bleed, because enemy does not have to expose itself while you are bleeding tickets and can win that way and B) enemy team bleeding tickets wont be crawling around the edge if the map, they will be heading towards the contrl point where they can be picked off.


That is the direction the most experienced point the gun, ie its a watering hole where the predators hunt there pray

I love those suicide lemmingtrains too … if you are the guy on the other flank all you get is a “lol” if you dare to ask for help.

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No you won’t, tickets bleed five times faster when you control two of three points, and about ten times faster with three of three points, and roughly seven-and-a-half times faster on single point maps. Kills aren’t magical ticket bleeders unless you can curb stomp the enemy faster than a bat out of hell.

Just saying, lemming is good in some instance because if the enemy actually ‘cap’ that cap, rather than someone being in there on it, it extends the game more and allows for people to get more positioning in.

If the cap was just taken, then the enemy are going to flood the area more confidently.

You dont have to defend a CAP by sitting on it having a cuddle. There sre generally 2 or 3 routes to a CAP, and the whole team dont have to be on it

No one useful sits on a cap, that’s just common knowledge, as long as your like lvl 30+

Resson for my post is to encourage a bit more than hitting W, 3 matchies in a row and im flanking on my own and get shot in the rear and enemy is sniping our spawn, normaly the young germans 😜

Capping the points really is the “magik” to winning, just not when 95% of your team and run to the same cap. I almost convinced that around 90% of all WT players do not or cannot read the mini map . . . like at all . . . lol. I don’t know why, some folks are just bad with directions and a map won’t help, but I don’t think the numbers add up, so . . could be something else. They could adjust the spawning system(long overdue imho) and have a minimum of 2 spawn points per side, and instead of having 1 spawn be the default (where they throw everyone that does not select a spawn on their own) and just take away the player’s choice on where to spawn at the beginning of the game. Like - 2 spawn points, 16 player team, 8 per spawn, Squads put together . . . giving us some semblance of how an actual combat mission might begin. Of course, player’s choice on all spawns after that. Would greatly change the dynamic of most games. … Just a thought . . .

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Funny how spawn points are called random 1 and random 2

Cap points are definitely required for the win, and not holding the caps will cause you to lose.

However, capping the point and sitting right on it or next to it on most maps is a bad idea, the cap points are usually in really exposed areas. There are much better positions to defend the cap points that are situated further away.

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Cap point is a game mechanic (ticket bleed) which is needed in multispawn game to determine who won the match. To ensure capturing and holding those points for long enough, team needs to establish terrain control. Team which succesfully eastablish terrain control has much higher chance of winning the match.

Now here is the tricky part. For team to establish terrain control teamwork is needed along with some tactical sense. And we know how that goes in WT.

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If i have germany on my team its constant lemming train to the neariest cap, even when they die they still do the same thing everytime they spawn. If i go to flank or go abit wider, i am on my own and have a vast amount of map to watch. On some occasions you get a squad who knows what they are doing and will dominate 1 side of the map

Agreed. About 2/3 of ticket bleed comes from points on average, and ground battles are almost always won by ticket bleed rather than annihilation like in Air battles.
It’s quite obvious that capture points are much more significant than kills alone for achieving victory - just compare a normal match where points are continually contested to a “battle” match where the enemy point is only really captured once the team has been destroyed. Battle takes far longer as only the less significant kills are affecting the outcome of the match instead of the more significant capture points.

More generally, it’s momentum that wins battles. Advancing, occupying space, contesting critical areas, and restricting the opponents’ area of combat are what lead to a team having all of the points, bleeding the enemy’s tickets dry, and driving the opponents all the way back to spawn. This is why campers, despite a high KD, often have limited effect on the battle as a whole and rarely have a win rate higher than a more aggressive player.

It might just be me as i provide no armour and thus can not be at the front but flank or snipe from the rear

The caps zones are where the kills are pretty much. Whether you are behind the zone or crossing the T ahead of it to intercept incoming it doesn’t matter. I tried to be clever early on but the Zones are where it is at one way or another. If we had a game without zones that would be different, like a last man standing or just a time out but we dont.

There are a number of different no zone possibilities but WT does none of them.

So for now…The Zone where the Iron Crosses Grow :)

Nothing to do with Germany ,all teams do the same.

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Most new players pick germany, or 1 of the other 2