F4EJ-ADTW needs to have its BR brought down from 11.0 to 10.7 at least

I think that the f4EJ-ADTW needs to have its br brought down as it currently suffers even in its own br much less in an uptier but it does decent in a downtier so I believe it should just have its br changed due to this because the F4EJ-ADTW is technically Vietnam era aircraft and not a Iraq era aircraft so having it gave the f-16 and f-14 as well as the MiG-29 and the late MiG-23s not what it really would have been facing like the MiG-21 the F-5 and the A-5C all in all I believe for the accuracy of the game the F4EJ-ADTW needs to be downtiered so it faces the correct era of aircraft.


You’re not the first to say that and I doubt you will be the last. We really need some decompression to 13.3.


Yeah ADTW is in bad place right now. It’s not competetive in the least

No. Everything above it and the American F-4E needs to go up.

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So I hate to bust your bubble here, but Era doesn’t matter at all. What it would have saw in real life doesn’t matter. Balance is what this game’s battle ratings are based off of. The F4s at 11.0 are competitive aircraft carrying 4 IR and 4 SARH missiles that are very workable. And 9.7 aircraft that have no rwr or countermeasures surely doesn’t need another aircraft with pretty good SARH missiles.


Thank you! The F-4EJ ADTW is in a very rough place right now, but era has nothing to do with it.


Lmao what

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That would be one of the people that would be negatively effected and upset if they had a good F4 come down in BR.

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Yes, we need decompression, but we need it by moving more capable systems up.
Moving vehicles down to avoid tough matches just compresses the area below them.

Just take tanks for example:

We have the Leopard 2A5 at 11.7
Then they added the 2A6, which has a stronger gun…also at 11.7
Then came the PSO, weaker gun again, but stronger armor, also 11.7
And now the 2A7V with a stronger gun, stronger armor and better thermals, also at 11.7

Are the Leopard 2A5 and 2A7V similar in performance? Not at all!

Would moving down help the Leopard 2A5?
Probably, but it would mess up anything at 10.3 and below.


I highly doubt reducing it’s BR while leaving everything else where they are is a good idea.
Sorry but that thing should never sit at the same BR as Su-22M3.

The question is, if it goes to 10.7, what about F104G and F4F?

They already are 10.7 and unlike EJ ADTW,the F-4F Peace Rhine have better CAS options and actual slats so it turns much better than EJ.

And only half the missile load. The F-4F can only carry 4 x Aim-9J as opposed to 4 x Aim-9P + 4 × Aim 7.

Its not like you would use the Sparrows on EJ, they are garbage that never hit, its not even E-2,it is just E, and the radar aint PD,so only locks stuff above.

Japan and trash tier premiums, name a more iconic duo.

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Good luck locking anything on the radar.

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It’s annoying to read this sort of topics over and over again, and the simplest solution about it never been thought:

Tighten the BR range of a battle to 0.7 and it’s done!

So your lovely plane never has to face Mig29 or F16 and noone at 10.0 get bothered by your bunch of missiles.

Trying to discuss the BR of a single vehicle brings us nowhere.


I wouldn’t say the about the EJ ADTW it gets very lackluster SARH missiles that don’t start full pull until 2.5 seconds in but everything else in 11.0 has missiles the full pull right after launch the Aim-7e on the he makes it non competitive in 11.0 and I am only competitive in a downtier never in an uptier to 12.0

As much as I like the Japanese Phantoms, I have to agree that the EJ and EJ ADTW are not in a good state. I find it strange that these have to compete on jets with much more powerful kit when even the F-4F on 10.7 has a better FM, since the EJs never got the Agile Eagle slats.
The AIM-7Es are not even the dogfight ones and very often do not hit, even if only climbers (assuming you are not hit by an R-24R or AIM-7F beforehand).


its not good, its relatively dogshit. the radar is lackluster, it gets the first variant of aim7e’s. which are basically worthless because of how bad its radar is. the only cons of it is the x4 aim9p and the bomb/rocket load