F4EJ-ADTW needs to have its BR brought down from 11.0 to 10.7 at least

Both planes are in a bad spot right now, but, let me guess, you’re high enough to club them. They’re easy kills for you. Why else would you laugh at the suggestion? Afraid of facing more enemies on an equal footing with you?

They are the first AiM7E’s though and it doesn’t get agile eagle so you only kills are going to be KS kills with ur missiles because I know your not dogfighting in any f4

I think maybe if the F4EJ-ADTW got the same radar and the same aim 7E-2’s as the F4S it would maybe be slightly more competitive but in its current br as is it’s terrible

Then it would be at 11.3, same as F-4J

the problem is that the US F4E is much better than both F4EJ, maybe we need to let them go high but not let is be lower

I bought the F4EJ-ADTW to grind Japan air and honestly it’s a good plane when facing other 11.0, but once you face 11.3 and above the radar just doesn’t cut it. It is really what limit this plane, the sparrow are just too situational (usually works at high altitude, but when uptiered you face F-14s and such that will obliterate you without warning from 30km away) , so I only take two out of four.

Only the AIM-9s are somewhat worth it, but again without the Agile Eagle upgrade, the rear aspect only missiles doesn’t help, especially against plane that usually fly way better than you.

So I don’t know, a very situational plane that will do well at 11.0 but the slightest uptier will get you clapped by planes that have way better capabilities in every single way (and by far)

They’re a lot better than what they used to be, fighting MiG-29s and F-14Bs isn’t fun sure, but don’t W key straight forward and you should do fine. No clue why you’re acting like that.

I mean, its a phantom - situations where you get use of agile eagle are situations where you dont want to be with phantom in the first place.

Rear aspect IRs are common on 11.3 Phantoms too, even F-14As are limited to rear aspect only.

That is to compensate for increased radar missile payload.

That’s fair, I am not used to this because at 11.3 and above with the French I get Magic 2s and radars that are way better lol

Because you chose to laugh at me instead of offer anything constructive. It still wouldn’t hurt for the Falcons, Fulcrums, Eagles, and Flankers to all go up a br step. Y’all want br decompression but want to scoff at the idea of top tier being affected. It’s the very top br vehicles that need to go up to make room below them.

Of course it’s not fun when you’ve just taken off and a MiG-29 is already slamming an R-60 down your throat when all you have is AIM-9Es. That happened on Spain and I was flanking not flying straight to the furball.

I’ve actually suggested that top tier BR needs to increase to 13.3 minimum, maybe not here but among my friend groups often, especially for the incoming ARH missile spam next major update. And even then, you don’t HAVE to increase top tier BR to decompress lower BRs, they could also get rid of the +/-1 BR matchmaking system and make it +/-.7. Keeping the F4Es where they are currently while making it so they can’t see 10.0 or 12.0 lobbies would be perfectly fine. The Es, with the exception of Israel, aren’t terrible nor amazing anyway, sure they get radar missiles but they’re either DOGFIGHT missiles, intended for close range not 25KM like the R27ERs, or the early E variant that takes 4 seconds just to track a target, plus you need to be at 7-9km~ while not be hugging the ground just to use them, and good luck if they’re running away from you. On top of this, they don’t get particularly amazing IR missiles, with AIM-9Js and Ps instead of G/Hs or Ls, yeah the Js and Ps are better than the Es, but I would 100% take an AIM-9G/H over a J/P any day of the week.

If they got the AIM-9L (or frankly any of the other more modern munitions that they did carry like LGBs, later model Sparrows, later model Mavericks, etc.) then I absolutely agree, put them at a higher BR (almost like how the EJ Kai is…). Any jet with all aspects shouldn’t see other jets that don’t even have flares, or at least very few flares.

As for the “MiG-29 slamming an R-60 down your throat” bit, yeah it sucks but everyone experiences it, you’re not special just cause it happened to you. Airfield camping is a completely different issue here. And while everyone stock grinds at some point, frankly an F-4E or EJ at 11.3 with only two AIM-9Es is an absolutely horrifying thought.

TL;DR: The F4Es, again minus the Isreali one, are in a fine spot now, sure 12.0 spam sucks but it is definitely a LOT better than what it was a few months ago, if they get more modern munitions absolutely move them up, I am 100% for that, and yes stock grinds suck, but I’d rather have a flying bus with two mediocre missiles at 11.0 than 11.3 while not giving it anything better or new, and also moving everything above it up in BR along with it.

Yeah that was a bad first taste of top tier and really put me off playing the F4-E outside of anything but Air Assault. He wasn’t airfield camping yet. Just hauled ass on the same route I was using. It happens. The fact that was less than two minutes after match start on Spain probably comes down to map size. Spain hasn’t gotten the same treatment that other maps have. It’s still too large for props and too small for most jets, especially mach 2+ capable jets.

The 0.7br spread has been suggested many times and been brought up for years. I don’t think it would actually lengthen queue times by any appreciable amount. Gaijin is all about those wait times and getting players into the next match as fast as possible though. They also want to sell those premiums.

Spain is just a bad map for anything above 9.7 anyways tbf

Spain is one of the most fun maps in the jet rotation when it comes to the 9.7-11.0 bracket. It only gets too crowded once pulse-doppler enters the mix. Trim the numbers down to 12v12 and I would be fine if 80% of my games were Spain and City.