F-4F BR is extremely high

With the new BR changes, I noticed that the F-4F is still stuck at 11.0 despite the fact that the F-4E and the Kurnass are at 10.7, and also the F-4F has to face 4th gen fighters like the F-14’s, F-16’s, Tornado ADV (outmatches it in the BVR)

It probably was left untouched before the 4th gen fighters were introduced in the game.


There is many other overtiered stuff, for example the F-4J UK is at 11.3, when two better phantoms are at 10.7, we need a lot of revision

F-4J UK is better than the phantoms at 10.7 , it has a PD radar.

I was referring to the British Phantoms (F-4M/K) which have PD.

The F4J(UK) and the FGR2 have identical Radars. The only difference between them is the engines, which the FGR2 has more powerful engines at the cost of slightly more weight. But they sit at 10.7/11.3 respectively, it makes no sense

Both the FG.1 and the FGR.2 are at 10.7 and have both the same PD radar and also the better Rolls royce engines.

It’s the F4E & the kurnass that are too low. It’s the error I Don’t understand why they put f4 with 4t of bombs and 4 aim9j & guided bombs. At the same level of mirage 3 E with 3 missiles & 800kg with faaaar less engine power. I Checked any 10.7 Even Su17. F4 are tooooooo powerfull for EC.

Any Zombers/bot break EC games with any F4.

I just noticed you posted this on the forums lol

So, we have an “early” F-4F, then we have a TT F-4F and we are supposed to get the 3RD F-4F in the form of ICE?? :D
GJ, you already have an “early” F-4F, so make TT one ICE and be done with it.
How many Phantoms are we supposed to have in GER TT?? :D