F-4 EJ Kai AAM-3 and 12.0-12.3 or a 2020 version F-4EJ kai

Photo of EJ Kai equipped with training AAM-3

Photo of EJ Kai equipped with AAM-3 and AIM-7M

Since the implementation of AAM-3 (90式空対空誘導弾) in major update “Air Superiority”, F-4 EJ Kai when from able to fight F-16 almost toe to toe, to now just getting their butt handed to themselves by 9M and other missiles, not like F-16AJ has somewhat maneuverability to increse survivability against 12.3-12.7 Aircraft, I really like to see AAM-3 been implemented to EJ kai in future, moving its BR to 12.0 or 12.3, will give the Japanese air player to have more option other than F15J before F-2A\B comes out.

Photo of EJ Kai equipped with AAM-3


No thanks. Keep it how it is. I like it’s current BR.

The Phantom airframe is better off not facing F16’s…

No to current one. I like having an 11.7 meta Phantom.

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Currently in live server F-4EJ KAI not change battle rating and not add AAM-3

But I hope gaijin not lazy and implemented add AAM-3 with increase to 12.0 or 12.3 BR for major update “Alpha Strike” or second major update this year


Sadly there is no reason to add the AAM-3 to the F4EJ-Kai, and they probably won’t.

On the other hand as a japanese main I want it.


Unfortunately is already facing 12.3-12.7 like 80% of the time, since it’s 11.7, Getting hammerd by 9M and other 12.7 IR missile is not really fun.

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Uptier/downtier is a completely different issue. If you don’t want to worry about that, you can play it in SimEC where there’s brackets.

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13.0 is around the corner, and I haven’t faced 12.7 that often.

Its more like that I wanted to enjoy EJ Kai at its full power, to me, the currunt place is hard to enjoy the plane.

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Meh. I find that the more advanced missiles get, the more boring air combat gets. 🤷‍♂️

I wouldn’t be against a later version of this aircraft. But that would just add another aircraft to have to RP through in the air tree.

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