F-15 Should be 12.7

F-15 is basically better than F-16C in every way except dogfighting. It should be the same BR. People like to compare it to Su-27, but su-27 has it’s issues just like the F-15

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Magic 2 also should pull more than 35G but here we are


Worse radar, wingrips at transonic speeds above 40% fuel load, -2 AIM-9Ms and no HMD.
The only couple of things the F-15A is better than the F-16C is at the thrust to weight ratio and the amount of countermeasures, hence why the community didn’t performed as great with it as the F-16C, and there’s the explanation of why the plane is sitting at 12.3 right now and will stay for good.

lol no.

An airframe with one of the most competitive combination of missiles and having 10 of them, with one of the most advanced radars of its tree (and THE most advanced for China) shouldn’t share battlerating with the F-15A at it’s current state by any means.

Mirage 4000 being the 2nd best jet in the game without HMD vibin’ not getting anyone’s attention.


cant find anything on the irccm on the 9m nor anything of it mounted on the f15

I’m assuming you meant the AIM-95, since it should be pretty obvious that the F-15 can carry Sidewinders.

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Good god. After struggling with flareless planes at 10.3, I can’t even imagine the suffering of a plane at 11.7 without countermeasures, expected to fight high performance planes with AIM-9Ls or equivalents every single game. That would be torture.

A post MSIP upgrade package F-15 was the only possible choice, trying to balance a plane with the F15’s flight performance and weapons load without countermeasures is impossible.

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It would take skill but you would still be able to use AIM-7s/AIM-9Ms at range ideally. (If SARH actually worked…)

I think it should but also it has bad grips for the Gs

Also thats true

You got no Clue on what you are talking about, play the aircraft first then talk, i want to see someone beating a F-15 in a SMT/G/S in a dogfight at least 5 out of 10 times.

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SARH now works, and it would still be terrible :P

Its a matter of some debate when CMs were even ‘introduced’ to the F-15 because a lot of smaller modifications were made that technically weren’t in any manual or specification. For example, I’ve heard they would cram a bunch of chaff under the airbrakes, so they could deploy the brake to deploy chaff. Its well within the realm of possibility that IR CMs were placed all over the place on different F-15s early on.

F-16A with aim9L is 12.0
French tree F-16 block15 with aim9M is 12.3
F-15A with aim9M and sparrows and better radar with similar performance to a block15 is also 12.3
You put it at 12.7 and now it’s the same BR as a flanker which is just more effective at getting kills due to its missiles.

You guys don’t see the problem? Always has been the same… The whole game is extremely compressed

Both French F-16s are also just stupid.

9L->9M = only .3 BR??

And the F-16AM is just better than the F-16C and has exclusive MAWS even though PAWS exists and isn’t present on the US one.

I don’t agree with this one, the F-16AM can have more CM’s if you decide to not carry 2-1 extra missiles and has MAWS, but the F-16C is faster accelerating, and is a better dogfighter due to superior sustained turn rate and you still have 120 CM’s which is not that bad

I mean, you can’t really put it up there with a flanker for example, which has better fox2 and has the best bvr missile while the F-16 doesn’t have any and you get a simple PD search radar without TWS and no HMD. This is a compression issue

Flanker doesn’t have the 9M or the AIM120, so I don’t know what you’re smoking.

This thread is about the F-15A, and the r-73 is better than the aim9m

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Lmao what. 9M is better than R-73, the only time 73 is better is like sub 1.2 km, otherwise its worse missile.

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Funny, I always thought it was the best fighter in the world

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That’s your opinion, for me r-73 are more reliable and also work much better in dogfights. But still the flanker has a truckload of the best bvr missiles while the french F-16 block15 has nothing

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