F-15 Should be 12.7

It is op, it has a really nice radar and good missiles and it is fighting f4j and mig23


Cry about it
This plane isnt 12.7 by its capabilities

If you got uptiered it isnt a reason to nerf everything.


If gaijin used that logic the A6M5 Ko would not be in 5.3 haha


I play F15 and i always get 3-5 kills every match

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and maneuverability is almost usseless in toptier


I played f4j uk
And got lots of kills
Nerf immediately

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You saying that maneuverability is useless to player, who plays on grippen, xd

Not interested in lowtier planes, so cannot say smth about it

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Take my word for it, the Zero Ko is unplayable today


As i remember from stories
Time ago it was imbalance, right?

Eh it’s playable. Not fun, playable

The slowest plane you face speeds up to 360 km/h, which makes it essentially useless.

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The F-15A should only go up to 12.7 when decompression to 13.3 happens:
13.3: Gripen(s)
13.0: Su-27/J-11, MiG-29G, M4k, F-15J
12.7: F-15A, MiG-29SMT (although this is more of a people-pleasing measure, I’d personally put it at 12.7)

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why is the A lower then the J

The J gets AAM-3s

and how does it justify a higher BR


Their better missiles

F-15J gets 40G AIM-9M’s, so it’s at least better than the F-15A which only gets 30G AIM-9M’s