F-15 Eagle: History, Performance & Discussion

this is from TF-15A manual

Thanks, this helps a lot!

That would be military power of 65.3kN and afterburner thrust of 106.04kN (afterburner thust I used was off by .36kN). So according to this the F-15s are really severely underperforming in engine thrust.

Maybe it will be fixed, but if not this might be worth a bug report.

note SAC manuals use uninstalled thrust

I have it. It’s PART 2 B2-1 that doesn’t show

I would probably report it anyway just so they’re aware, as we have no idea if they know. Best case they already knew and just acknowledge it, worst case they didn’t and they’ll acknowledge it or request more info.

I made a bug report here:

With just info from this post:

If others can add more documentation, that would be greatly appreciated!

EDIT: Rip, got closed as not a bug. Sounds like the numbers are intended.


Yep, usually installed thrust is around 15% less.

Not usually the case with gen4s, but for example the MiG-29 has 0.92x bench thrust static… 0.85x intake fully shut.


Sustained G is ~0.3 lower than it should be at low speeds from my testing.

Make sure you test the correct weights, looks fine to me.

Half fuel clean is what I tested.
At mach 0.32 it was only at LDF of 2.9 - 3.1, most of the time 3.0.
However, at mach 0.32 it should have 3.4G according to the chart posted by MaMoran.

Half fuel is 33,550 pounds, you’re short a significant amount of weight.
Yes, should be 3.4G at 35,000 pounds clean.

Missing 1500 pounds there, still short on G forces. Go ahead and record it so a report can be made.
We can also make a suggestion to increase thrust to 102% RPM from 97.7%.

I haven’t found where to find empty weight of vehicles in the datamined files.
I’m stuck on estimates based on known stuff.
Which on half fuel is close to 34630 pounds based on empty weight + 3040kg of fuel.

Basic weight is 27,700
Full fuel is 39,400

39,400 - 27,700 = 11,700 pounds of fuel

11,700 / 2 = 50% (5,850 pounds)
+27,700 basic weight = 33,550 pounds

Should enhance performance above 3.4G

“Half” fuel in WT is 3040kg cause there is no half fuel option, it’s 20 minutes.

I mean, I was expecting thrust to be lower when installed, but 20%? That seems very excessive.

Is there any infromation on the source Gaijin used to get that figure?

The manual

You can set fuel weight in dev commands for test flights.

Is that public? I’d like to read up on it and see what exeactly causes it to be so much more power loss than other aircraft

You can find it online from some googling

bug report got denied as “not taking channel loss in account”. this is gonna take a while

so dynamic intake doesn’t mean anything i guess. that’s why the f15’s efficiency is 0.7840 in game compared to the f16’s 0.8348.

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