F-15 Eagle: History, Performance & Discussion

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It would be nice if the F-15 came to the game later this year. I am a huge fan of american 4º gen jets


It likely will, my guess would be to the Israeli’s with the F-15A Baz to fill their lacking radar BVR missile role.


I guess US will get it 1st, but Israel will have some ♥ too

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Once again, really looking forward to the F-15. Will be my main plane once it’s added

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F15 would be really great.

Really intresting to see how and when it will be implemented… Probably december? SU-27 and JAS39 Gripen with AMRAAM?

I guess dev might be consider F-15A (USAF) & F-15 “Baz” (IAF) next quarter this year because F-15A & F-15A “Baz” BVR carries AIM-7E-2/AIM-7F Sparrow, and especially F-15A from USAF not op

And for F-15C (USAF), F-15J (JASDF), F-15C “Akef” (IAF), F-15E (USAF) and F-15I “Ra’am” (IAF) gaijin will consider later


If we’re getting the F15A we have a big problem. Because the thing didn’t have flares hehe. So an F15A late or something.

They cannot just give the US the F15A with 4x Sparrows 4x sidewinders and still give us flares?

Well the F14A (early) never had Aim7F but does in game. Why not same standard be held for the F15A (early)?

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I do not believe the first F15 to come to game is going to have AMRAAMS. I believe we are most likely going to receive F15A with 4x4 Aim9L and Aim7s.

I think that is a good thing since we will be more likely to receive it sooner.
Rather than later as many nations barely have abilities to compete with 12.0s in game let alone the F15 with AMRAAMS.


We’re likely getting F-15C/J this year so Gaijin can add them to three nations at once.
The loadout will be 4x Aim-9Ls + 4x Aim-7F/M.


The F-15 will be introduced with a microwave for a radar. Missiles from 1974. A flight model that compares to a submarine, and will be missing 1/4 its thrust.

The Mig-25 will be released along side it with hypersonic missiles from 2020. Unrealistic mach 5 thrust, and will handle like a F-5.

If you think otherwise i got news for you. Its called the last 3 patches of US jet implementation. With how bad they implemented the F-16, and F-14b why would you ever be excited about a new jet for US from the most Russian bias company there is. Remember Russian equipment can only get wins in Warthunder. In RL their equipment is trash so they cope hard in WT.


Tbf the Mig29 was also pretty terrible from an FM and armement point of view upon release. Also I’m still grinding for the Bombcat so I’m curious to know what your issue with it is ?


lolwat? F-14B is implemented correctly.
And F-16 was implemented within 95% of accuracy, and is currently 99%+ accurate with the minor changes.
The Mig-29 was also made more accurate over time.
There is no Russian bias, person with clown takes.
RL equipment is used incorrectly by Russia, which isn’t an indication of equipment failure, but user error.


F-14A / Early had AIM-7F since it’s introduction though

Even the provisional F-14A Flight manual [1972] directly mentions the AIM-7F ( and AN,ALR-23 IRSTS) even though the first flight of both systems was some ways off.

F14A entered service in 1974, its first and only mission in Vietnam was 1975.

The Aim7F was produced in 1976. The Aim7F never saw service over Vietnam.

So how did the F14A early have a missile that was not produced yet?

Unless you are misreading what you posted that the F14A received the missile upon the missiles introduction which makes more sense than the F14A receiving a missile in 1974 that did not exist where production for it would take place 2 years later.

Additionally, data/literature will state an aircraft will have a particular capability before that weapon system/technology ever enters service. That can be where the confusion lies. That is why serial production/service dates matter.

Many flight manuals will mention missiles/technology not produced or in service yet. The F20 Tigershark was already stated to have AMRAAMs 9 years before the missile ever entered service.

Does not mean the jet had it upon entering service. As in the case of the F14A (early) its most earlies iteration was in Vietnam 1975.

The Aim7F was not even produced yet.

yes an F15 would be a nice addition just to help continue fill out American dominance at top tier :) . On another note i prefer f16 so i am super familiar with the f15’s loadouts but presumably since it was being developed and manufactured around the same time as the f14 i imagine itll have aim9ls and some type of late model aim7

IOT&E (Initial operational testing and evaluation) was completed by 1974… so yes… it was produced by the hundreds and thoroughly tested already prior to it’s first delivery to a combat unit in 1976.

The F-14A / Early in War Thunder is based on the 1977 configuration, and Gaijin has acknowledged that there are errors with the physical model. The 1977 iteration of the vehicle had already carried the AIM-7F in active service for over a year. Sooooooo yes the 1977 F-14A / early that we have in war thunder had used the AIM-7F since it’s introduction.

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