F-15 Eagle: History, Performance & Discussion

Did the MSIP F-15A’s ever get it?

I don’t know, it would have been very recent. They only got the AN/APG-63(V1) in ~2001.

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Hud is just wrong. Gun cross should be 2° higher than the Fuselage line(waterline- the w)
̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶W̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶m̶i̶s̶s̶i̶n̶g̶.̶

2023-12-08 (12)
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Gaijin artificially levels all guns to the plane’s horizon to help with gameplay (i don’t like it but it is what it is)


it was actually a thing in the APG-70 for the F-15E but my understanding is the dual sparrow thing was more hypothetical and unsurprisingly it never worked (mechscan does that to a mf) and the mode was removed in later suites

Well, the F-15C models got the AN/APG-63(V2) in 2000, the F-15A I am not sure. Either way it is discussing the AN/APG-63 which indicates that it would have had to be the V2 it’s discussing.

It says there. APG-63 Mid 80s to late 80s suite. APG-70 and APG-63 were practically the same in A2A role, the difference came to A2G.

No. Dual target 7M was never done in my knowledge. You can do it prolly through RAM and very close targets but its gonna be wonky

PSP is the “advanced radar” upgrade


APG-63 got some buffs in detection range but high prf still seems to be way too low

Would be nice to have that extra 2° for the gun. Especially on the F16 which is like 5°.

Curious is top speed and acceleration correct at sea level? it really slows down once you start to hit 1400km/h where as F-16 continues to accelerate as fast. just curious.

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The W is written to be unavailable in AA gun mode

Fact is you were in AA gun mode → normal then ^^"

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the top speed of M1.18 is accurate, about getting there im not sure

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You are right. It appears in SRM.

The hud is wrongly positioned

@MaMoran20 APG-63 hprf RWS range got increased to 80km for a 3m^2 target, which means theyre likely using that one MiG-23 document comparing the N008 to Israeli aircraft estimated radars. I recommend you make a bug report because otherwise I dont think it will be fixed on its own for live server.


V2 and V3 radars were only on C models

Dual Sparrow can be done with mechanical scan radars, it could be referencing the APG-70 or 63V1

It also mentions improved maintainability which the V2 was NOT. It is why it was quickly phased out for the v3

Does anyone have the thrust values for the F-15s engines?

I did some basic math trying to figure out spaded power by values given in the modification menu and got 60.2kN dry thrust and 85.4kN afterburner thrust. These values seem low compared to the F100-PW-100 performance values found online, that suggest 65.3kN dry thrust (5.1kN more) and 106.4kN afterburner thrust (21kN more).

I’d like to see if the spaded values I got are maybe incorrect or if the F-15 is really lacking this much engine power.


Also sent the first post to Bowie.
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Dunno whats gonna happen, radar dev is quite sneaky