F-15 Eagle: History, Performance & Discussion

I mean, I was expecting thrust to be lower when installed, but 20%? That seems very excessive.

Is there any infromation on the source Gaijin used to get that figure?

The manual

You can set fuel weight in dev commands for test flights.

Is that public? I’d like to read up on it and see what exeactly causes it to be so much more power loss than other aircraft

You can find it online from some googling

bug report got denied as “not taking channel loss in account”. this is gonna take a while

so dynamic intake doesn’t mean anything i guess. that’s why the f15’s efficiency is 0.7840 in game compared to the f16’s 0.8348.

clown show rn. all of it.


Isn’t F-15’s engine kicking out over 12,000kgf according to WTRTI?
Which is more than the ~10000kgf I was expecting.

All engines have higher optimal. He wants the stationary thrust to be higher.


I blame their Mig-29 dismissing as part of this.
It’s precedent to have thrust lower than expected rather than at expectations.
IDK why, so I ain’t gonna get mad at it along this timeframe.

APG-63 in MPRF getting notched by a target flying at high alt when it shouldn’t
This issue affects the F-16 and F-15. Rose this issue a while ago as well with nothing coming from it.
MPRF from these aircraft not affected by a lookdown beam if the target is in a clutter free range gate. Aircraft goes 90° and stays locked.
In a lookup situation Track should never be lost in a beam as there’s simply no MLC in doppler spectrum for those who don’t have a hard notch filter like the the F14, mig 29 and Su 27. These have a MLC filter(notch filter) that’s activated when the antenna is below 3° above the horizon. I rose this issue almost a year ago and others have done as well.
2023-12-09 (7).
The success of the transition in MPRF is due to the MLC being in a different range bin than the target(aka if target is high enough from the ground). In HPRF( Pre-APG70 standard which introduced Range Gated HPRF) track can be kept due to the track file generated. The A2A track discriminant is Angle(azimuth/elevation vector rate), velocity is through a speed gate.

The APG-63, compared to other radars(mig 29, su 27), uses the Kalman filter during a standard track, the others just use it to extrapolate position for TWS and not for a standard track from what I’ve read in N019 doc. In a lookdown beam when target is inside the MLC(generated by the 2.5° beam), the radar goes into coast mode for several seconds and antenna keeps moving with the last known velocity vector and searches for a doppler return after and before the MLC. If track is not performed then it goes to search mode.
2023-12-09 (10)

Currently in game a single chaff in the Beam can make you lose lock, but a Kalman filter in angle rate can easily filter it out. And more if you do more processing like MPRF.

In MPRF the software track through 3 discriminants, Range, Velocity, and Angle.
2023-12-09 (13) This allows it to basically make an accurate direction vector and position track file of a target in space. Even more difficult to lose lock. If lock is lost in MPRF then its goes to coast and searches the target through the direction vector and range in the doppler/ range Matrix.

The F-15 and F-16 only have a notch filter, which can be adjusted in size, during search operation. 45 knots is the lowest on the F-15 and 55knots is standard to the F16 APG66.




The F-14(B) also has access to the AN/AXX-1 TCS (The F-14A should have the AN/ALR-23 IRSTS which is similar but uses IR, and F-4E which has the AN/ASX-1 TISEO wich is similar to the AXX-1) which should correlate tracks though the Notch via Electro-Optical Contrast, so should probably also have some level of Notch resistance for STT modes.

Also I’m sure the eventual AN/APG-71 on the F-14D incorporated similar advances so there is some further edge to be yet derived from the avionics, I just don’t think it’s going to be enough to deal with the R-27ER / R-77 by the time it turns up.


man i want them to add amraams so bad

Yeah, and there’s been a bug report open on the lack of TCS functionality for 6 months as well.


Is anybody else having issues with the radar holding a lock properly? Any change of aspect on the locked target and the radar immediately seems to drop lock for me.

I just lost a lock on an su-27 as it turned directly towards me, and had to relock target causing me to lose the fight because he could get a missile off before me.

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Yeah, I have experienced the same multiple times

Thrust is correct. People are comparing the F100-PW-100 to the F100-PW-220, the F-15 manual explicitly states that the -220 model will have improved performance.

Likewise, the takeoff speeds and distance are correct which indicates the correct thrust is given.

Looking at the maximum thrust short takeoff procedure and compare to the manual. Drag will not be a significant factor here, and it will rely instead on acceleration. Use takeoff flaps.

It states to apply full aft stick at low speeds until nose pitches to 12 degrees attitude. Hold this attitude until takeoff.

At 30,000 pounds, nose wheel should pitch up at 80 knots, wheels up at 108 knots. Total distance to takeoff should be no more than 900 feet (275m).

As you can see, wheel up at 70 knots and takeoff at 100. Distance less than 900 feet.

Yes thrust is fine…
Fuel flow tho is messed up, I will report that on monday.


Yup, I can barely hold lock on something, a single roll can confuse this radar lol.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJT3avUFUw0 was there a buff?

He’s referring to the increased overload or doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
Content creators are not Gaijin officials…