F-104S TAF Lower the BR

I have to admit you are right, no aim-9L should be that low in br
but also the starfighter should not be facing 12.0 planes all the time

It can still outrun almost every missile in game if straightline at Mach 1+

Generally speaking the F-104 is too much a neucence at any lower of a BR, and too “bad” at higher BR’s. Solution: Decompression.

OP and your argument is wrong for literally the same reason.

I myself have mentioned in past posts that compared to other 10.7BRs, the F-104S will never be on par with them. You just further supported your reason that the OP is wrong with your own bad stats in Jet RB.

As you said, it is similar to the “Maus issue” and they all stem from compression.

You can stop my reply but, I just post how your argument is wrong.

I fear decompression alone won’t solve the problem

It surely will, because like I said, any lower, it’s too busted, any higher, it’s total dogshit. It’s the only viable option to fix it, because people don’t want to face a Mach 1.5 pencil throwing AIM-9J’s at them like hotcakes and not being able to fight back because of the speed.

Can i remember to you that the maus was removed and in fact isn’t part of the regular tech tree anymore while the 104S is still here to make the italian grind even more painful
I whould call for a buff in a form of better missiles but i feel you won’t agree on that

what i meant is, other than decompression that plane need better missiles

In practice, decompression is required for all BRs higher than 8.0 BR.

Any 7.0 jets shouldn’t face against A-5 Sabre and MiG-15/MiG-15bis ISH.
Me 262 C-2b shouldn’t face against CL-13B Mk.6 which is literally best Sabre in the game.
F-104A shouldn’t face against all subsonic jets as it possible.
MiG-21SMT/MF shouldn’t face against 9.3 flareless subsonics.

Also, even if F-104S moved to lower BR, there are no ways for 9.7 jets wins against F-104S unless that F-104S player is insanly dumb.

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Not really…

Everything else at the BR has AIM-9J’s, or P’s, so why would it need better missiles, it certainly doesn’t need AIM-9L’s, there’s no other option other than the AIM-9L, it didn’t operate any other missile anyway. So essentially, what I’m saying, is that that won’t happen, not saying that it wouldn’t help, but it’s not historical to the aircraft, and therefore it won’t happen.

Also; if you add a better missile, the BR will go up…

If BR is decompressed and totally balanced, I would like to see a loadout that was historically equipped such as AIM-9Ls for F-14A, R-60Ms for MiG-21MF, barring any sort of testing.

However, with the current Jet Match, I have to say definitely No. Giving AIM-9Ls for F-104S would makes it 11.3 and would suffer even more.

At 11.0?
there are some planes with all aspect missiles, mostly russian with some soviet all aspect missiles at 10.7 and all those who don’t have them have a better radar and radar missiles
Honestly the f104 is so inflexible as a plane that you can give better missiles to them without too many problem.
Or just fold it with the 104G maybe

And the Soviet All aspects are garbage, at a fraction of the range and speed of the AIM-9L, so it makes sense.


BTW, It seems some F-104S had AIM-9Ls without modifications.

Technically, it is possible if their AIM-9J launcher was compatible to AIM-9Ls.

A 104S with AIM-9L isn’t just a ASA with more missiles?
or the ASA have a radar that can actually lock on something making the aspide useful

Yeah, as anything can be mounted to any pylon if it was available to be mounted. Still not a valid reason without proof.

About historical accuracy: for what i remember in a post on the old forum, the Turkish air force never bought the 104S version with radar/AIM7 and yet in game it can use them

Viable reason to take it away and move it down in BR. There’s your solution.

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Respectfully can i point out that a lower br what whas asked in the first place and the fold out/better missiles was me trying to find a compromise?

it wasn’t the old forum, here the post

I don’t remember correctly tbh but, I saw the photo F-104S had x4 or x2 AIM-9Ls.

I’m finding that photo in forum rn but, would takes bit long time.

Maybe I’m wrong :/


The asa can only bring 4 AIM9-L for what can i see
if the 104 S can bring 6 (i don’t think so btw) i see it as an upgrade

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