f104S armament historically inaccurate

Hi warthunder players;

We have to talk about the Zippers armament.

  1. Italian f104S has aim9L before they were modified in asa update

Source1 (Cervia 1984 f104S 5°stormo,23°gruppo caccia )
Illustrazioni - Starfighters.it
Source2 ( **F-104S “37-13” 18°Gruppo of 37°Stormo at TAM 88 (Tactical Air Meet 1988) at CFB Sollingen update in asa in 1990/91) [916 Starfighter] 916 Starfighter)

But my constructive criticsm didn’t end there

  1. f104S TAF premium aircraft
    You know aeritalia produced 2 version of the f104s : CBO( cacciabombardiere ognitempo) and CIO (caccia intercettore ognitempo)
    The difference between CBO and CIO was the presence of the m61 vulcan in the CBO and ,instead of the gun, in the CIO where located the computer unit for the sparrow
    They came out of the factory already set in these version and turkey bought 40 of CBO units and never switch in to CIO because they didn’t have the parts.
    f104s TAF with aim7 never existed.


We don’t have separate variants of the F-104S in game, they’re all combined into one variant.

Missiles can be withheld for balance reasons. There are plenty of AIM-9L carriers in game that do not have them.


A somewhat strange balancing decision, given how in the last year 9Ls have gone from having great flare resistance to loving flares just as much as R-60Ms. We also have planes like the Kurnass 2000 at 11.3 with great phantom flight performance and six python-3s, which are clearly superior to 9Ls.

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It was given those due it losing in Aim-7’s.

F104S TAF has only gun variant in real life

I’m fine with it but this is a realistic game and sooner or later the missile must be released for the historicity of the vehicle.
F104s TAF is a completely different story because it was added the sparrow system and this is an error.

Yes it lost the ability to carry four crappy aim7e2s and can instead carry six of the best IR missiles in the game.

The British phantoms are all 11.3 with:
Worse flight performance due to lack of slats. The improved engine thrust barely offsets the extra drag at sea-level.
A much worse radar than the Kurnass 2000
Much, much worse IR missiles
Four below average SARHS to make up for it
None of the precision guided weaponry that the K2000 has

Am I missing something?

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It had Aim-7F’s not E2’s. The regular Kurnass gets E2’s. It was originally 11.7 due to it also having Aim-9L’s.

you forgot 6x1000lb bombs

Obviously it didn’t have the 7Fs at 11.3… the E2s in question are what the first kurnass gets at 11.0. it should be 11.7 now with its current loadout was my point, nevermind with 7Fs.

As it stands the K2000 is head and shoulders above the British phantoms at the same BR. Same goes for the F-4J and 4S.

Maybe. But at the moment Both the 104S and Taf need something because having to play almost only against 12.0 planes is frustrating at best and pure pain at the worst.

Yeah we definitely need to further nerf the F-104s

To be honest, it might not be a bad thing. It could go down in BR and actually be useable.

I almost never get kills with sparrows/aspides in the F-104S/ASA. I’d rather have the M61.

When you see F-16s/F-14s/Mig-29s the speed “advantage” doesn’t mean much.

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That whould make me Happy but i don’t think It Will Never happen

Not that i had expected a reply to my previous comment but
Gaijin always boast on how realistic is this game and how they can’t balance properly it because of “muh realism” BUT is fine giving to a plane missiles that never had while don’t give to it missiles that should have? I’m talking about the F-104 Taf ofc
why even make a 70 euro premium plane if you have to make it nearly unplayable because of “reason”

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they ignore flares more than R-73 right now, after the patch something happened to them.

i would be fine if they gave us more advanced versions of AIM-9P for it, with all aspect capability.


i would be fine with a 10.7 br. Too bad gaijin do not care about italian players having fun
Even the mods don’t bother to give a proper answer


Taf is reaally need to be nerfed. Taf is genre 2 jet but when you try to play. There will be always 12 br jets like f14 f19 mig29 ofcourse and they are 4 genre jets you cant even dodge their missels flares doenst work. It is too much painful to play it. It need to be 10.7 br