F-104S TAF Lower the BR

Yes that’s it.

This photo seems taken in 1988 so, we need to investigate when the F-104S (783-1187) in this photo had the S-ASA modification done. If it was after 1988, it would be possible for F-104S to receive AIM-9L.


F-104J has 6x AIm9ps

Which is missing flares…

I think what alot of people in here are not quite getting is that aside from the “Nice” loadout with the Aim-9P’s and optional Aim-7E ( if you sacrifice the cannon ) in the end its still an F-104.
That Airframe simply has no business going up against what it awaits at 12.0 (12.3 for the ASA )

Now what would the F104S face at 10.7 with a downtier to 9.7?
A handful of strike aircraft which have that BR due to their Ground battle effectiveness.
The Q5 will be hopeless against it but the Q5 already doesnt stand a chance against most other strike craft at its own BR and or the F-104’s.

Most 9.7’s are found in the British tree with two Harriers a Jaguar and a Hunter.
Now compare their uptier vs a F-104S which is faster has Flares a good gun but somewhat the same missiles vs a F-104S having to Face Mig29’s, Yak141’s with R27ERS or F14B’s, F16A’s which are faster.
The weapons available to 12.0 are on such a different level vs 11.0 then 10.7 to 9.7 ( except a few cases like the Q5 and T2 )

I Honestly would make the same Argument for E series Phantoms.
Overall as most have been saying for years the BR range needs a drastic increase but gaijin won’t do it.


Was simply correcting you about the AIim9Ps, didn’t contest the status of if it has flares or not.


From a 104S point of view a F4j can turn
Both are bricks but One Is more brick than the other

The j8b is essentially an enlarged mig21 in shape and flight model, with slightly larger wings proportionally. Its got a better thrust to weight ratio than the bis, and slightly lower wing loading. Overall its pretty much a bis on steroids.

Gaijin please. This thing is unplayable.

Make it 10.7 BR (it really should be)


IMO either change its AIM-9Ps to all aspect AIM-9P4s or make it 10.7.

then move the G down

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Yeah you want to see German G variant makes it cracked again?

well them have them same BR

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Same BR with what?

make the S TAF same BR as the G

LOL what?

They are not identical aircraft by any means.

well im not sure what you want. you don’t want the G lowerd, but you don’t want the S TAF to be same br either?

Yeah, I don’t know about Italian G variant but, since F-104G(Germany) is really fine at its BR, F-104S should not be able to have that same BR.

It’s hilarious seeing F-104 pilots complaining about jets they can’t get away from. No. Sympathy.