F-104S TAF Lower the BR

This thing needs to be 10.7 like when it was released, it is literally unplayable at 11.0 , at least the mig-21 Bis’s get All aspect missiles at 11.0. This thing has a worse radar than MIG-21s, and has AIM-9Ps.

Now compare this with JA-37C Viggen at the same BR of 11.0 , PD RADAR , turns better, has AIM-7E2 dogfight missiles instead of the garbage AIM-7Es and does not need to sacrifice gun for radar missiles.

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You think F-104S should have same BR with F-104G that has worse engine and no x6 AIM-9J/AIM-9P loadouts?

Are you joking?

You think F-104S should have same BR with JA-37C that has PD radar and a GUN and MIG-21 BIS with all aspect missiles? F-4Es with 8 Missiles and 4 AIM-7E2s?

Are you joking?

Just because a plane you love is trash does not mean the others have to be as well

When compared to current 10.7BR jets, there is literally only one aircraft that can compete with the F-104S, the Kfir Canard.

Also, the current F-104G(Germany) is a pretty decent aircraft in its BR so, doesn’t need its BR changes. I don’t know about Italian one and ROCAF one because both things has different loadouts or missing flares but, It is quite ridiculous that a better variant aircraft has the same BR as a worse one.

Before you go on a forum rant complaining about changing the BR of a particular aircraft, you should really think about whether it really fits that BR before you post it.

BTW, If the MiG-29SMT leak was true, the 12.3BR has been confirmed, which would make the 11.0BR even more playable just like current 10.7BR. I’m ready to buy F-104S TAF and spade some 11.0BR jets such as Viggen and MiG-27M.