F-104S TAF Lower the BR

This thing needs to be 10.7 like when it was released, it is literally unplayable at 11.0 , at least the mig-21 Bis’s get All aspect missiles at 11.0. This thing has a worse radar than MIG-21s, and has AIM-9Ps.

Now compare this with JA-37C Viggen at the same BR of 11.0 , PD RADAR , turns better, has AIM-7E2 dogfight missiles instead of the garbage AIM-7Es and does not need to sacrifice gun for radar missiles.


You think F-104S should have same BR with F-104G that has worse engine and no x6 AIM-9J/AIM-9P loadouts?

Are you joking?


You think F-104S should have same BR with JA-37C that has PD radar and a GUN and MIG-21 BIS with all aspect missiles? F-4Es with 8 Missiles and 4 AIM-7E2s?

Are you joking?

Just because a plane you love is trash does not mean the others have to be as well


When compared to current 10.7BR jets, there is literally only one aircraft that can compete with the F-104S, the Kfir Canard.

Also, the current F-104G(Germany) is a pretty decent aircraft in its BR so, doesn’t need its BR changes. I don’t know about Italian one and ROCAF one because both things has different loadouts or missing flares but, It is quite ridiculous that a better variant aircraft has the same BR as a worse one.

Before you go on a forum rant complaining about changing the BR of a particular aircraft, you should really think about whether it really fits that BR before you post it.

BTW, If the MiG-29SMT leak was true, the 12.3BR has been confirmed, which would make the 11.0BR even more playable just like current 10.7BR. I’m ready to buy F-104S TAF and spade some 11.0BR jets such as Viggen and MiG-27M.

The same Kfir canard that is a 10.7/10.3 litteraly where the 104S should be?
Spoilers from the future
12.3 is here and the situation isn’t changed. My 104 taf still face mostly 12.0 planes that are faster, more agile and with far better weapons


As one of Kfir Canard player, it is most overpowered 10.7BR jets and can go 11.0BR even without Python3s because of its performance.

And you ignore that F-104G(Germany) is at 10.7BR.

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Like. You ignore the fact that the F-104 S Is litteraly unplayable at 11.0
You also have ignored your own argument.
If the Kfir canard can compete with the 104S why Is in a lower br?

You obviously don’t know that the F-104G(Germany) is quite decent at 10.7BR rn and it has lower performance than the F-104S. Anyway, F-104S 10.7BR is an impossibility unless F-104G (Germany) drops to 10.3BR, and at least in the current meta, F-104G cannot move down to 10.3BR because it would ruin almost everythings.

That’s because low level grinders and Chinese botters uses it as a bomber and is sent back to the hangar faster than a player playing as a fighter.

The only other jet almost as good that has 6 good IR missiles is the swedish draken and it has 12 countermeasures. U shouldn’t have bought that brick of a jet anyway. It cant turn fight stuff at 10-11 or 11-12 and I have had a lot of them in my 10-11 matches. I think you just aren’t getting lucky.

Also, OG Kurnass

Most likely. I only fight against F16, F14 and mig 29 with only rear aspect missiles and a radar that can’t lock shot but Is the only rank 7 italian premium Plane sooo

So Let the f104 s One of the very few italian choices suffer and make It unplayable because a single Plane in One of the biggest Plane tech tree Is a Little weaker?
Also the game should be balanced around objective veichles stats and not around Who play those veichles

It is not only the F-104S that suffers, but almost all BR11.0 jets such as F-4EJ.

Ignoring the fact that BR is overcompressed and trying to lower the BR of a particular vehicle, further exacerbating the compression, is the most ridiculous and bs idea in balancing and is what made 9.xBR unplayable because the community and Gaijin wanted it.

So Better doing nothing, Let the canard remain a strong 10.7 while the 104S and Taf, the only Planes Italy have a that br remain unplayable right? We can’t have Italy mains not to suffer over br Planes right?
Btw the F4EJ Is still in a Better position than the 104S. At least It can turn and the radar can actually lock on something before you die
The only way i Will be fine with a 104S/Taf still at 11.0 Is with gaijin givin to It the all aspect missiles that should have

The Italy has TT F-104G that doesn’t have x4 AIM-9J loadouts. It is not best but not worst because of its performance. And the main reason I don’t think F-104S shouldn’t be BR 10.7 is because of German and Italian F-104G.

Probably the Italian F-104G could move down to 10.3BR. Cause the F-104J, which has 4x AIM-9Ps without CMs, is in 10.3BR. However, The German F-104G is 10.7 BR, has a CM with x4 AIM-9Js so, If F-104S moved down to 10.7BR in current meta, the BR compression which it is nobody needed would be worse at 10.7BR and at 10.3BR below.

Not really.
The F-4EJ has no access to the AIM-7E-2 and the OG AIM-7E is terrible and vastly inferior to the AIM-7E-2. Also, the F-104 can turn very tight at higher speeds than you and the average player thinks, and iirc, it can pull an AoA not that much different from the F-4 at speeds above 1000 km/h.

F104 S taf turn rate 34s - F4eJ turn rate 26 S. I have the Taf, that thing can’t turn at any speed
also i fear you are not considering that the Taf too have only the AIM7E and on top of that a radar that do not want work. Not to forget that if you want to use the AIM7 in a f104 you have to remove your main gun
Let us be honest here, if the canard is fine at 10.7 the taf/s should be 10.7 too because against 12.0 your only selling point, your speed is useless
But again, give me some all aspect missiles and i’m fine.

There are too many stat cards that are not written, such as AoA, top speed on deck, etc., that are essentially useless in the game. Even the turning rate is the same for the F-4EJ and the F-4E/F-4F on the cards, but in reality the F-4EJ cannot turn the same way as the F-4E because F-4EJ doesn’t have wing slats.

I have actually tested the F-4EJ and F-104S on a test flight to see how much AOA they can pull off, and while the F-4 can turn much faster than the F-104S when turning below Mach 1.0, it is not the case at higher speeds, and while the F-4 can still turn faster, but the difference is not huge.

I know that’s why everybody bring x6 AIM-9Js but, F-4EJ can’t do same things.
The AIM-7E is just terrible, and even though it can carry up to four of them, I would rather not take the AIM-7E with me because I use the F-4EJ as pure gunfighter, since it rarely hits the enemy unless enemy team is braindead.

That is not okey at its BR even on current meta. Problem is everybody use it as bomber for somehow and the supposedly high stats have become the lower.

However, you need to wait your lifetime because F-104S didn’t carry any all-aspect missiles iirc.

No all aspect missile in real life?

Think again
And please, wing slat or no a F104 do not turn and for a reason. That plane isn’t made for that, is an interceptor.

Is it actually? Because as far as I know, and from old forum discussions, the F-104S couldn’t carry the AIM-9Ls, and it was only after the ASA/ASA-M modifications. And an F-104S with an AIM-9L is basically an F-104S ASA without PD radar so, it would get the BR changes it does not need due to its missiles.

It is surprising that I posted that the F-104 actually pulls off a decent AoA with screenshots, yet you have not seen it at all. Also, when compared to the F-104S and other 11.0BR/10.7BR aircraft, there is nothing wrong with the BR of the F-104S itself. The problem is that the 11.0BR-12.0BR is very compressed and only requires changes in BR for some aircraft such as the MiG-21SMT/MF.

Ignoring the fact that the BR is compressed and asking to change it because “I wasted $70” or some similar reason is a sign that you have no idea about balance, and you have a foolish and dangerous mindset to compress the BR even more.

Think again.
And please, drop the stupid idea of compressing BRs, which nobody needs, and which is also ridiculous.

In-case I didn’t post here yet.
I think F-104S at 11.0 is fine. Whether you’re using it to bomb base then PVP, or going straight into PVP, it does rather well.
Magic 2s are a bit scary, and dogfights aren’t possible.
F-104S is still among the fastest aircraft, and still holds 4 or 6 potent rear-aspect IR missiles.

Some may disagree with me, I am however very comfy in my performance in my F-104S.

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