Different BR for ARB and GRB feature is kinda pointless

because these thing still at 11.3 ARB facing supersonic with ARH,
imagine being subsonic with only 4 shitty ass missile and you have to face SARH or ARH
just lower the BR to 10.3 on ARB or something like A-10 late

Just wait until the next BR adjustment, they’ll likely go down.

Sure. When the R-73s have been removed.


It was especially bad moving the A-4E to 9.3 in ground with 0 reason, and not even moving it down in air.

You have R-73. These are NOT moving down, and never should be anything near flareless aircraft.


yeah, right. instead, put F-14A to 12.3 and F-14B to 12.7
but still lower su25t, sm3, 39 to 11.0 or 10.7
and keep R-73 to compensate it’s speed

supersonic + AIM 120 = 13.0 (f15/16)
subsonic + AIM 120 = 12.3 (av8b+)
supersonic + R73 = 11.7 (mig 21 bison)
subsonic + R73 = 11.0/10.7 (this is where su 25t, sm3, and su 39 should be)
in the first place adding R73 to regular su 25 and raise the BR by 1.3-1.7 is stupid
Su 25SM3 and Su 25BM is literally the same plane for ARB but has 0.7 difference is also stupid

not matter how you think subsonic + 2xR73 and supersonic 6xAIM-54 is not equal
they shouldnt meet in the same match, F14 should join match with another plane with ARH
if you still insist they are equal, i’d just assume you are clown

AIM-9Ls on a slower platform is inferior to R-73s on a faster dogfight platform.
They will not go down.

lol Their weapons are currently balanced, so no.

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Harrier Gr7 to 10.7/11.0 would be good. As a subsonic with Aim-9Ms


No! Attackers with stupid missiles dont need any more of a handhold or to see flareless aircraft. R-73 is leagues better than an AIM-9L already.

R-73 is completely different to R-60M. They are NOT the same due to this, and the SM3 being equipped with MAWS and T using an IRCM.

No clue how you got to this conclusion, but AIM-9Ms are already stupid at 11.7, and nobody wants them at 10.7.


A4E deserves going even higher. 9.3 is being nice to it.

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Cool story, but the Su25 isn’t a fighter and it shouldn’t compete with fighters. It is a slow ground attacker.

Who the hell wants 9Ms at 10.7 getting downtiered into FLARELESS planes?


0 reason? besides being a bastard at 8.7?

Imagine Su39 with IRCM at 10.3 🤯
why this kind of ppl play pvp games ? Damn


Subsonic, very poor acceleration, no CCIP, bad guns with low ammo count, Aim-9Bs, all in exchange for 2 walleyes that only track targets when you’re within radar SPAA range. At that point the CCRP is most useful than the walleyes.

It is fine where it is now, but I wouldn’t mind if it went down to 8.3 in air. It was OP in ground at 8.7, and it deserves to be 9.3 in GRB.

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The existing BRs were primarily based on Air modes; splitting them was mainly intended to allow adjusting Ground BRs.

That doesn’t mean Air BRs can’t/won’t change, but it makes sense than they changed very little in comparison to Ground.

Ngl calling it OP was a major stretch. I honestly find it insane that Gajin finds it comparable to strelas and Harriers. What’s even more insane is the A-4B still at 8.7 even in ARB despite being the most crappy depressing plane I’ve ever seen.

they certainly are not balanced at all.
Such as the F15A sitting at 12.3 isnt balanced either.

Weird of you to imply that F-14A and B have AIM-9Ms, 240 countermeasures, and all-aspect radars…
Oh wait, neither of them have 9Ms, F-14A doesn’t even have 9Ls, A doesn’t have the countermeasures, and neither have all-aspect PD radar sets.

The F-14s are balanced where they are.
F-14B is literally Mig-29 9.12 equivalent.

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