Did something change with map selection?

The last couple of days, I’ve noticed getting the same map again and again and again.

Sometimes, if I see a map I don’t want to play, e.g. stalingrad, I just leave before the game starts. Obviously that leads to crew lock, but whatever I just change to another nation.

Suddenly, I get the same map on the next nation, and the next, and the next.

I ended up with the same bloody map 6 times in a row, and therefore 6 nations crew locked.

Take the hint. If someone leaves a game immediately the first 2 times, chances are they aren’t going to play it the next 4 sodding times either.

So, is this a recent change or am I just going insane?


Stop giving me abandoned town conquest #1, take the hint.

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Looks like after the addition of night battles to the MM they broke something.

This same map repetition has been going on for months in Ground Assault mode. You could keep trying with different nations for half an hour and still be getting the same map. Looks like this same map plague is now spreading to other game modes.

Well if it isn’t sorted soon I won’t be playing it for sure.