[Development] Introducing War Thunder’s New Event Cycle

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We’ve got some news to share with you. From now on, we’ll be using a brand-new event cycle where events will start almost consecutively and will (wherever possible) be tied to real-life events.

In addition to this, each event — except the Winter event and some cosmetic only events — will only have one vehicle dedicated to them. Every event will last on average 12-18 days, where when it finishes, there’ll be a small pause of a few days until the next one begins.

The first event in this new cycle is due to start very soon — keep an eye out for all of the details surrounding this on January 25th.

Since each event will only have one vehicle, today we’re announcing the first three: the first event will have a Tank as the main reward, the event after will have an Aircraft as the main reward, and the event after a Naval Vessel, where events will follow this general cycle throughout the year.

Each event will be mission points based to earn tasks, where the amount of mission points required to obtain each task depends on the vehicle’s rank. The required amount will range from 35,000 to 45,000 mission points for each task (usually per 2 days).

That’s about it! If you’ve got some questions, we’ve got some answers. Check out the FAQ that we’ve prepared.

FAQ: Some answers to questions you may have

Q: If each event will only have one vehicle, will there be ground, air and naval vehicle rewards in the future?

A: Yes. As mentioned in the news, the first event will be dedicated to a tank, the event after will be dedicated to an aircraft, and the one after, a naval vessel. Afterwards, a repeated cycle of each vehicle type (in most cases) will occur.

Q: With this format, does this mean that there’ll always be events throughout the year?

A: Yes. However it depends on the month and when events finish or start, but generally there will be 2-3 days of no events until the next event starts. The longest current gap planned is almost 1 month in the summer until the next one starts.

Q: Why have you chosen this format?

A: Based on player feedback, we want to provide players with ways to obtain all vehicles in events rather than only a select few. With consecutive events, players will be able to obtain vehicle types they want and miss vehicles they don’t want.

Q: Does this mean there’s no more crafting events?

A: Yes. Crafting events in their previous format will no longer be a thing in War Thunder.

Q: Will the types of vehicle rewards change compared to how old events worked?

A: Each event will only be dedicated to one vehicle (with the exception of the Winter event). The type of vehicle in each event will be a mix of high, medium and low tiers, where the required number of mission points, tasks and stage purchase cost will vary in each event depending on the vehicle’s rank.

Q: Will events tied to real-life events have related cosmetics?

A: Yes, where possible. When an event is tied to a real-life event, it will have related cosmetics too. However, not all events will be tied to something — it will be tied wherever possible. If it’s not possible, the event theme will be something unrelated, and random.

Got any more questions? Let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer them!


Och no


Aww man, no more crafting events!


Good riddance.


I suddenly remembered that I cant read. Meaning this cant hurt me.


its a good and bad thing. The Good we can get all rewards. The Bad way too many events.And another bad thing too much Mission Score you are forced to play way too much please lower it to 30k max


Need to try it before making final judgment, but seeing as im not interested in naval rewards and i might be interested in SOME air and tank rewards, this means that i would still get lot of downtime between each “event”.


Honestly, I don’t mind this sort of layout.


Rest in peperoni

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Finally, some good changes

But the main thing, will coupons be available, or not?


Do you have to play the specific game mode to receive certain vehicles
For example, ground battles for the tank
Air battles for the plane


Will the rank and gamemode modifiers remain?


will we also see a return of old event vehicles since you are concerned with the ways how players can obtain vehicles.

Since “events” now only have one vehicle at the time will we still have the barrier of only earning progress towards the vehicle with the same category? (Will i be able to grind the air vehicle with my ground forces)


Interesting and not.
This feels like you will be bount to the game allmost 24/7.
And “you can take vehicles you like and pass the ones you dont”
Here are collectors and people with fomo, that wont work.


Would really be cool to do reruns of previous rewards in that 1 month gap in the summer. Maybe have it limited to a only a few vehicles you have missed


@OrsonES Will there be tradable coupons?


Oh my god…

Say bye to your life then.

This FOMO trend is the most toxic thing gaming has ever had.

Thank god.

Hope they are mostly premiums.


Non stop events means grind 40k points every two days all year round. RIP to all FOMO ppl.


Eternal grind. Sounds fun.


They will be nerfed specifically for you

Yeah this is ridiculous… Gaijin clearly thinks we have no other life than war thunder.

Also 35k-45k is way too much. Before it was few weeks of mindless grinding and then months without. Now it’s just nonstop bs.