Build Sim Events snail!

my first thought was positive. “Hooray sounds good events!”

but my second and third thoughts are more negative:

Sim will probably not be considered again.
Gaijin probably just throw up something loveless and half-finished again.

@Snail just take the great events of 2016, 17, 18 as a template: Battle of Britain, Battle of Guadalcanal, Battle of Kursk, Normandy, Battle of Bulge. if it works. then later Korean War, 6 Days War, Vietnam War, Gulf War

make a mixture of the old Operation Mode and EC with authentic setting and balancing.

I would like to know what the feedback from the AB/RB community was like. I suspect terrible things.


I mean, SB has been used for the last few years of events assuming there is a fitting mode (i.e. Planes yes, Ships no).

And I suspect given it’s mission score? Likely will still be one of the easier means to do the thing.

There were such great events on Sim Maps back then. The Battle of Britain or the Battle of Moscow… I mean authentic events. on separate maps. not this “crafting” crap or “pages of history” crap.

Forget about the old school events, now it’s zombing or hunting zombers.

I want quality and not quantity

but I’m always up for a hunt :)

I feel this actually opens Gaijin up to having a sim related event during the month downtime or so during the summer. its likely that or its going to be used for World War mode.

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Finally the first event can be grinded in SB …

Just 750K instead of 400K to get the coupon, nice Inflation XD

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