Close Combat Vehicle (CCV)

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Hello again everyone!

Today i bring you a new prototype for Japan, this is the Close Combat Vehicle or CCV for short.


Japan Self Defence Force wanted a new Combat vehicle that could replace existing vehicle units that is performing multiple roles and change so that a single chassi could fill thos roles.

Roles like close combat/infintry support, anti air roles, troop transport, combat engineering vehicles and so on. The SDF plan was to replace there Type 89 FV and Type 87 RCV with this new CCV that could fill in this roles. You can see in the picture below how this was gonne be implemented, a single chassi with capability to fill in many roles:

The image shows all the roles it could fill, including: SPAA roles, Infantry support roles, tank destroying roles etc.

The SDF gave this project to Komatsu Industrys and SDF Defense’s Technology Research Headquarters. Development started 2003 and ended 2009 trying to create a single vehicle chassi that can performe multiple roles.

By the year of 2007 a prototype was developed and by the year 2009 testing had been conducted. This the prototype we are gonne talk about today, the prototype was mounted with a 40mm CTA gun rapid fire auto cannon that was able to fire both Air-Burst rounds and APFSDS.

Image shows test being conducted on the Prototype.

But the cost of developing this concept/prototype took a toll on the SDF, and program was abandoned later on in favour of keeping there existing units Type 89 FV and Type 87 RCV.

Video of the Vehicle in action:


  • Length: 7.47 meters
  • Width: 2.75 meters
  • Height (top of the turret): N/A
  • Height (chassi only): 1.97 meters
  • Weight: 22 tons
  • Armament:
    *40mm CTA Gun
  • Coaxial machine gun: No
  • Stabilizer? Yes
  • Top speed: 100Km/h (On Road)
  • Engine: Komatsu diesel
  • Engine power: N/A (same engine as NBC Recon)
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Ammo Capacity: 400 Rounds
  • Magazine Capacity: 100 Rounds
  • Firerate: 750 Rounds/min
  • Vertical: -10°/+45°
  • Horizontal: ±180°
  • Rotation speed (°/sec): 60.0
  • Reload (sec): 8.00

Penetration statistics
Belt Penetration at a 0° Angle of Attack (mm)


This is an Image of the penetration values in (mm)



+1 Japan top tier is in dire need of more (non-C&P) Vehicles

old Suggestion for more info and Sources;


Been waiting for the CCV for a long time +1


A lot of things wrong with this. For starters the dimensions don’t match anything that is known on any of the proposed chassis. The CCV is likely the B-4b as the B-6b’s main focus was additional armor protection. This would give a 2.75m width, a 7.47m length and a 1.97m height of only the chassis. The designed mass is 22t. The engine is unknown, but likely shared with the NBC Recon which doesn’t have any specs listed for it’s HP.

The gun isn’t a CTAS40 because that is the name of the CTA Int. gun used on the Jaguar. The gun is Japanese and has a 750rpm RoF.


Your right, and thank you for linking the old suggestion was looking all over for it but did not find it! Cheers :D

And i’m here to deliver to u in a silver platter XD

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May i direct u to see this old suggestion of the vehicle:

Pen seems a bit low to no?
Its bigger then the CTA round yet that has around the same pen as the Strf9040c in game

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+1 to the suggestion but as already mentioned this topic has a few errors in the OP, which would be good to resolve. Data such as the gun being wrong and consequently the rate of fire, and in the same vein penetration values are not reliable.

It would be recommended to defer to the original thread made on the old forum. If you believe information there is in error it would be best to find reliable citations to indicate why you believe that data is unreliable as well as why you believe that the new claimed data is more valid.


Sorry for the typo i did, I meant to write 40mm CTA gun and not the other! I did some editing to the post and linked a Wikipedia article for the vehicle and the old suggestion to the Sources!

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Apperantly from what i read (Link:, and u probably right, but the round is telescoped and the muzzle velocity is below 2km/s so the pen drops at longer ranges. But the japanese round is 40x365mm so the pen should be higher but currentlly the facts about this round are not all clear, but u are right the pen on this gun is higher then that of the CV9040!

Could you use Gaijins Pen calculator which I don’t know how to use …=D

u cant calculate pen for APFSDS rounds in the Gaijins Pen calculator, i tried!

They use this no?
Lanz-Odermatt formula what ever that is…

I don’t know what you are referencing, but I’m the one who originally posted the google drive link that you linked in the OP and the images I sent are from that drive. There isn’t a single config that has that LxWxH dimension that matches any chassis. B-4b is the most likely chassis used as it’s referenced the most in the later docs.

Oh, i was looking at the old version of it XD, well i tried using the one u linked and from the calculations it seems that it can pen up to 437 mm of composite at a slope of 60 degress! But at witch range is still unclear!

I have based the chassi mesurmeants to the Komatsu new 8x8 APC witch is a chassi based on the CCV chassi, they both have close to the same messurmeants. Info of this can be found on Wiki and the articles about this vehicle. Reason i used this messurmeants was becouse i could not find the original CCV messurmeants!

Link to one of the articles: Japan Unveils Armored Vehicle Prototype for 'Counter Island Invasion'

Yes, dream vehicles for Japanese TT.

that uh doesnt seem right… thats on the level of DM33 from 105

I found that result wierd too witch i don’t get why it gave me that result!