China SPAA 9.3-11.0

I saw a couple of posts on Chinese SPAAs for level 7, most seem to have focused on Type 625E. I am more interested to see something like the HQ-7B which will be like a bigger ROLAND but with a worse radar. It should be mounted on a wheeled system with no search radars. It should be a SALCOS radar missile with a range of around 6-8km, 20g and a large explosive as it is copied off the crotale which is for naval use. Please correct me if I am wrong and I simply want a more capable SPAA for chinese lineups at 10.0 or 10.7

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A lot of SPAAs can be added at that range, like JRVG, LD35, LD2000, Hunter-1 and much more

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range is up to 15km and 20-30 in a specific upgraded variant used by pakistan
G limit i think was also increased by the chinese on all their FM-90 models

Cause I was using the ROLAND data, since the French eventually replaced the R440s with VT1s called Crotale NG (aka ITO90M but on an AMX30 chasis), which suggests on the fact that it is less capable than VT1 especially on land. Also it is technically supposed to be in a squad of 4 vehicles, 3 launchers and 1 radar vehicle, so it probably needs the radar vehicle to reach 15km range. The Gs I am going to guess around 25 but it depends on it being the HQ7 or HQ7B.

yeah roland missiles were a bit different iirc:
Chinese crotale

Can I draw a parallel to the radar since the radar of ITOM90 is also from a crotale? It sees similar and should be of similar capabilities.

thing is, visuals cant define capability… you can upgrade a radar and not change its shape at all, also, range is made by propulsion (thrust) and missile battery life in tandem with radar range (or guidance)

But the ability to lock with a smaller radar is limited, we do know that HHQ7 can reach 20km but that is by using the AESA radar on the ship, it should be the radar as the limiting factor but I said it in a weird way.

i think maybe the track radar can track up to 20km but without a search radar, it cannot ‘see’ them to face them (eyeball mk.1 doesnt work too well at 20km lmao)

otherwise if the track was limited to 15km then the search would be useless and wait for the target to get into 15km to open fire

It will be lower as the ITOM-90 has a track rate of 16km and this is the later version so the chinese should be inferior to the 2004 version.

hmm totally possible now that u mention it, ill do more research cuz i wanna suggest all of these lol

There are many choices between 9.3-11.0,too many to even count.








I would not particularly consider some of the machine gun SPAAs as 10.0 + worthy and the HY6 is still retarded at this moment. The TY90 launchers will literally be another strela.