JRVG-1 - Chinese Wheeled OTOMATIC

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TL;DR: A 10x10 SPAAG, based on the ZBL-08, equipped with an automatic 76mm naval cannon.



The JRVG-1 is one of China’s newest wheeled SPAAG systems, seemingly intended for the export market, designed to be a middle ground between the short range dual 35mm systems and the long range SAM systems. The JRVG-1’s story begins with the Russian AK-176 automatic 76mm naval cannon, which entered service in 1979. The AK-176 was a medium caliber autocannon, designed for installation onto frigates and corvettes, with a maximum fire rate of 120rpm. China was intrigued by this weapon and began development on a domestic copy in 2000, being completed only three years later in 2003. This copy was designated PJ-26 and subsequently mounted onto the Type-054A class frigate and Type-056 class corvette. It wasn’t long before the system was adapted for use on a mobile land-based platform. In 2016, the SA-2 SPAAG was shown off at the Zhuhai Air Show. This SPAAG was based on a 6x6 truck and featured a significantly scaled down turret, which was equipped with a relatively simple photoelectric fire control system. No radar was installed, limiting the vehicle’s anti-air capabilities. This system was aimed primarily toward the export market, however, no buyers came forward. As such, work on an improved version began. The improved design was officially revealed at the 2018 Zhuhai Air Show under the name of JRVG-1. This new SPAAG featured an extraordinary 10x10 configuration and a new turret, which, while still significantly down-scaled from the original PJ-26 turret, was much larger and more conventional-looking. The hull of the JRVG-1 was based off a ZBL-08 hull, modified to include a fifth axle, however, due to the increased length and extra weight, the JRVG-1 did not inherit amphibious capabilities. When compared to the SA-2, the JRVG-1 is superior in every way except for profile size. The JRVG-1 has an improved photoelectric fire control system and is equipped with a large radar, allowing the vehicle to detect and track targets before quickly removing them with airburst rounds. As of yet, no customers have made themselves known.

Place In War Thunder:

Italy’s OTOMATIC is a very well known vehicle and a favorite among War Thunder’s Italian playerbase. Its high fire rate combined with its deadly rounds results in an incredibly dangerous vehicle. It also has zero direct in-game contemporaries. The JRVG-1 would not only add a direct analog to the OTOMATIC, it would also give China a competent high-tier dual-purpose gun SPAA. Playstyle would be relatively similar to the OTOMATIC’s. Depending on how you’re feeling or what is necessary, you can choose to either act as an SPAA or a tank hunter. That being said, the JRVG-1 does not have access to APFSDS, so shots would have to be taken with more caution. This decreased firepower is balanced out by superior mobility, allowing you to outpace many MBTs and appear in places where you aren’t expected. Your profile would be your greatest weakness, however, as it is very large and very distinct. Any player with thermals would likely be able to spot you if they even glance in your direction. Even though the JRVG-1 was designed for export, I believe the best implementation of the vehicle would be in the tech tree. It offers a unique playstyle and utility that shouldn’t be locked behind an event.


Armament: PJ26 automatic 76mm naval cannon

Dimensions: 8.00m, 3.00m, 3.20m (L,W,H) (Dimensions of the ZLT-11. This vehicle is much longer and taller.)

Weight: 26000kg (est.)

Armor: 12.7mm proof from the front and 7.62mm proof all-round

Crew: 3-4

Ammunition: Fragmentation and Airburst

Speed: 90~kph (est.)

Horsepower: 442hp


Left Side View:


Right Side View:


3/4th View:


Gun Close-Up:



China Defense Blog: New PLAN Marine equipment of the day: 76mm naval gun on a 5x5 wheeled chassis


PJ26 76mm 10x10 SPAAG


https://weaponsystems.net/system/553-76mm H/PJ26


As a fan of authentic Chinese vehicles, this gets a +1 from me! I want that camo too!


Looks cool! More indigenous Chinese designs, please. +1


Oh man thats huge, and blue, love it


+1 for this bus!

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I’m personally very torn on this vehicle. Yeah, it’s cool, but it essentially seems to just be a better OTOMATIC, which is one of Italy’s only unique top tier offerings. I can’t imagine it’s attracting anything but Italian military enthusiasts anyway, but the point stands - not everything needs a direct counterpart in my opinion. It’s good to have a little variety.