Ld-2000 (ty90)

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LD-2000 (TY90)



Around 2000, the Northern Industries Corporation manufactured and tested a new type of self-propelled anti-aircraft gun aimed at providing terminal air defense capabilities for key areas. This anti-aircraft vehicle is designed to protect airports, logistics, command centers, etc. Therefore, its design cannot support it in providing air defense protection for the marching troops. The chassis of LD-2000 (Lu Dun 2000) is only used to move from one position to another combat position. The car made its first public appearance at the 7th Abu Dhabi International Defense Exhibition held in the United Arab Emirates in 2005.

In order to achieve better combat effectiveness and better transport of close range guns, Chinese designers have equipped it with an all terrain chassis. The chassis is a special vehicle Wanshan WS-2400 with eight wheel all wheel drive, manufactured by Wanshan Special Vehicle company. It is a unique model in China that is modelled after the MAZ-543 truck and has been upgraded and improved. With such a chassis, the LD-2000 can flexibly maneuver on highways and, if necessary, travel on dirt roads or rough terrain, with strong adaptability to the environment. When monitoring or firing, the anti-aircraft gun will use four hydraulic parking devices to secure the vehicle body, which will keep the vehicle stable during firing. Therefore, the vehicle cannot attack the target while in motion or without relatively long preparation.

The WS-2400 wheeled chassis is equipped with all the equipment required to control the 730B proximity gun. In the middle of the vehicle is the battle control room, which includes the gunner control room, electric drive device, generator, foldable search radar, etc. LD-2000 has its own TR47C target tracking radar for guiding close range guns. It can also receive data transmission from other radars or command vehicles, which enables the LD-2000 to be integrated into a unified air defense system as part of system operations, and the vehicle also has combat capabilities.

LD-2000 (TY90) is an integrated air defense system with terminal interception shells and guns, equipped with six TY90 missile launchers on both sides of the 730B short-range gun. The system integrates tracking and search functions, which can effectively strike aircraft and intercept incoming shells. The design purpose of this vehicle is to conduct air defense in critical areas and intercept at the end. Its machine gun does not have the ability to shoot during movement, and the missile is also redundant in end interception. Therefore, the LD-2000 anti-aircraft gun, which was finally finalized and mass-produced, did not have a TY90 missile launch box installed, but retained installation pins.

The terminal defense performance of the vehicle is excellent, with a firing rate of 4200m/s, and its main gun can fire APDS ammunition to improve interception efficiency and power. When the radar detects an incoming target, it can automatically point the turret towards the direction of attack, which is decided by the operator. It has a high degree of automation and reliability. Although the missile gun system has not yet been put into actual service, the performance of only carrying machine guns has become an advanced interception system in the world.

In game

The LD-2000 (TY90) is an extremely powerful weapon against airborne objects, with extremely strong anti-aircraft capabilities. Machine guns can crush low altitude targets, missiles can strike long-range enemies, and machine guns can also fire APDS ammunition to strike lightly armored targets. The integrated radar search system can also detect enemies at the first time, which is a powerful supplement to China’s air defense forces.


The turret is unmanned and remote-controlled, the total ammunition reserve is 1000 rounds. There are two ammunition storage boxes, each containing 500 rounds.

  • Crew:4
  • Main weapon: Type 730B 7-barrel 30mm machine gun. The firing rate is 4000 rounds per minute, with a maximum range of 3000 meters.
  • Ammo: APDS (1150m/s), HEI (930m/s).
  • Secondary weapon: 6xTY90 missiles in total.
  • Radar: TR47C fire control radar and an OFC-3 photoelectric tracking system. The radar detection range is 10 kilometers.
  • Auxiliary tools: Laser rangefinder, thermal imaging, optoelectronic system.
  • Weight: 25 tons
  • Engine: Deutz turbocharged diesel engine(517hp)
  • Max speed: 60km/h
  • Driving form: 8x8
  • Transmission: ZF automatic transmission
  • Minimum turning radius: 15 meters

Information in the manual
LD2000 fireing


+1 alongside the standard LD-2000.

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+1 for the vehicle
But please no more pinyin translation of chinese words. Just LD-2000 is perfectly fine. IMO the current localization of chinese vehicle names in the game should be reversed

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Epic, +1

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btw for those who dont know much about its name, that the LD which means land shield

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+1 for the BRRRRT Truck.

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