Chinese crotale

I was looking into the FM-90 and I began to think of something…

There are three vehicles in the FM-90 system…

The self propelled acquisition radar


The self propelled missile carrier



The towed TELAR vehicle


So my thought was…
In theory, the self propelled acquisition radar vehicle can tow the TELAR launcher…
So would it not be a fully contained system in that sense?

I’d appreciate any info.


Most likely?
I have close to zero info on that system but the first noticeable drawback i can notice is a lack of reloads on the trailers/TELARs

thats kinda a system wide drawback… maybe not irl but in game esp.
but with the spawn point ammo refills, this will be negated…

Towed trailed would be nice but I dont think it would work like that irl. I have a suggestion, Radar/Command vehicles can work like a AI companion. It would follow the player and provide datalink.
You don’t really need the Command vehicle to fire the missiles.

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true but i want to have the search radar as well as tracking radar instead of just tracking radar

that towed TELAR vehicle has a small issue. I think its missiles would hit the radar if you are trying to aim directly infront of you.

ye but many other vehicles have dead zones for their turrets… can be easily implemented… although since it is towed it may prove a problem for the devs to know which direction the radar is relative to the launchers

That is already a issue in some spaas I think. ZSU 23 has this bug I believe

the shilka?
how did that happen lol, it doesnt have any colliding parts…

I cant remember the exact bug but its related to hud and actual radar’s alignment

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Just give us these things gaijin, let them spawn in next to each other and if need be, you can control the second one as if it were a drone, or maybe an ai mode to make the second one follow you around.

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It does since the Pakistan army has a version of the launcher with the radar. The Bangladesh have a slightly different version.

Where do you see the search radar?

have info about that?

SACLOS missiles can be launched without any radar lock.

But it at least have a radar which should be similar to the one of ITOM 90 since that is also a crotale radar, but perhaps upgraded. The ITOM90 also locks with the radar, which should be similar to PGZ09’s radar lock since I have barely used ITOM 90.

This is only a tracking radar not search radar. I believe you misunderstood armenlozone’s comment.

this is a bangladeshi FM-90 battery

the search and track radars are on seperate vehicles afaik

Btw we have 2 different FM90s. The one you shared is for Airforce and the one I shared is for army.

Probably, but I was saying it does not have to be towed to have a radar to track. I think it should be ok at 10.3 or sth.