Challenger 2 CSP - "The Last Hurrah"

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The challenger 2 is in the process of receiving two end of life updates that aim to extend its life out to 2030 until it is replaced. Upgrade work of this platform is being done by Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL), and was done by BAE in 2018. The main armament is the Royal Ordinance 120mm L30A1 Rifled Cannon, an upgraded gun over the earlier L11A5 found on Chieftain and Challenger 1 variants. The Armour remains the same Dorchester internal armour we are used to at British Top Tier. The sighting system was the first of the two upgrades, replacing the aging TOGS Sensor with a new Thales Catherine MP LW Thermal Sight, to improve the Gunner and Commanders identification and vision ability. The suspension system has been upgraded to the 3rd generation Horstmann Hydrogas, increasing off road performance and stability. The engine has been upgraded to the CV12-9A standard, running at 2400rpm(Up From 2350rpm for the CV12-6A), with new turbo’s and a lighter cooling setup, allowing for a maximum speed of 60km/h. The Transmission has also been upgraded with new components, to the 1500hp TN54E standard. These upgrades bring
a desperately needed mobility improvement that would be an excellent addition to the end of the British Tree. This Vehicle would also have the potential for an armour upgrade. With a level 4 mod for the Level 2G kit. Coming stock with the 55mm mounting plate on the UFP to serve as an armour improvement. The composition of this plate is 5mm Structural Steel + 30mm HHRa, + 20mm Kevlar. This add-on kit is very similar to the 2009 2H kit, however the add-on era blocks have been removed, leaving the composite screen below with new VARMA 6 armour blocks, and being covered in the SAAB Barracuda MCS.




  • The first upgrade took place in 2018, where the TOGS 2 Sensor was replaced with the Catherine MP LW 3rd generation Thermal Sight.


  • The second upgrade began in 2021, which improve the vehicles drivetrain and suspension to prepare it for the Challenger 3 Upgrade.

  • Upgraded the CV12-9A engine running at 2400rpm at 1500hp.

  • Upgraded 3rd Generation Horstmann Hydrogas Suspension.

  • Improves the Transmission Components to the 1500hp spec, no change in gear ratios.


Crew: 4, Driver, Loader, Gunner, Commander Weight: 64,000kg

Speed: 60km/h

Length: 9.806m(Gun Rear)

Width: 3.554m

Height: 3.038m

Main Gun: L30A1

Ammunition: L28A1, L27A1, L26A1, L31A7, L34

Sighting Equipment: Catherine MP LW(4x - 11.5x Zoom), SAGEM VS 580-10, Thales Enforcer 2 Thermal Sight

Stabilisation/Gun Laying Equipment: Marconi GCE

Elevation/Depression: +20/-10 Degrees

Engine: CV12-9A with improved power(1500ps)

Transmission: TN54E(1500hp upgrade)

Suspension: 3rd generation Horstmann Hydrogas

Armour: Dorchester Base Armour, 55mm Hull Add-On, Potential for the Level 2G Add-On kit.

Suggested Stock and Final Setups:



Catherine MP LW specification Sheet:

Announcement for TISP and Supplier:

Contract for TISP:

TN54E Spec Sheet:

HAAIP Announcement:

Confirmation of a Power Increase:

Thank you to NatabruBusher/Sherman and Pyro for helping with this post.


Would be an awesome addition, however, some of the previous variants need to be foldered.


Hopefully foldering will occur with the summer economy update.


The 1500HP upgrade was installed already a few years ago although this was not made public it was part of the mobility upgrade program. This is on Wikipedia and other areas of the same program such as the easier replaceable air filters were demonstrated in use in around 2018 I believe.

Obviously no public data was released on this in regards to it’s actually installation but the original gearbox was already rated for 1500HP from the get go and it was a fuel injection system from caterpillar defence I believe that allowed the engine to reach the higher capacity. This being said it would make sense for the TES and the Black Knight to receive this higher engine output

Unfortunately it wasn’t, HAAIP only began in 2021/2022, the 9A being chosen was also only done in 2022.

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The fans were trialled in 2018, but the engines, transmission and suspension were yet to be altered. HAAIP os the programme bringing all of these component upgrades.

Seems only logical to add this. +1


Foldering is just one of the steps that have to be made to make the challengers a more viable option for top tier. I am not all to familiar with the irl specifications of the challengers armor layout and mobility but from what I have heated it is apperantly way way worse ingame. 1 humongous example is the dummy thick ERA on the challengers sides which provides fuckall protection. Like WHAT? Where does the BVM get that armor from? From the slices of stale bread babushka placed inside of the ERA packages… then where are the British biscuits??? I am ranting already so I am gonna stop here. Just wanted to say that the challengers need some sort of renewal.

Did they already change the transmission and what kind of improvements to mobility does it provide or is it “just” To make repairs easier.

transmission is the same, however the component improvements improve reliability and allow for reliable uprating to 1500hp.

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TN54 upgrade is being trialed with a new torque converter.

More info now^

Would it be faster now with the new TC?

In terms of acceleration and climbing at low speed potentially. For top speed no. That’s dictated by engine rpm, final drive and selected gear.

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Top speed should in theory be 60kph, with the engine running at 2400rpm.

More stuff to Britain that is actually British is welcomed +1


This might be controversial but the HAAIP upgrades should be retroactively applied to the Challenger 2 TES (rather than a separate vehicle) at the very least since that is the Theatre Entry Standard and there could be an argument to be made that the Black Knight could get it as well however I will not make that argument lol

So who is going to spoil the fun and tell that


HAAIP is not in its best state


TES never got HAAIP, neither did OES, there were plans on adding it so it can be a base

Well, thank god we do not care about that, so it can be added either way.