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The Challenger 3 is an extension of the Challenger 2 Life Extension Programme(LEP), aiming to sustain the tank out to 2030+. It aims to improve the tank in all key areas and ensure it is a capable tank with potential modifications for the future. Development of Challenger 3 is being done by Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL).

The main armament is the Rheinmetall L55A1 120mm smoothbore gun, this gun is found on the modern Leopard 2A7V and Leopard 2A8, it can fire any current NATO round. The technology demonstrator has been seen firing the DM63A1 round, its primary KE round is in development, and will most likely be the DM83 Neo Round.

The sights are all new for Challenger 3, with Thales providing the Gunner and Commander’s sights with the DNGS T3 and Orion systems. G&H will provide the drivers periscope as a key component of rheinmetall’s trailblazer vision system. The gunner and commander’s sights are the same generation 3 thermals found on the Ajax IFV.

The suspension has been upgraded to the 3rd generation Hydrogas system from Horstmann, further increasing off-road performance. The engine has been upgraded to Perkins CV12-9A V12 diesel 26.1 litre, producing 1500hp at 2400rpm engine, propelling the tank to 60kph. To handle this additional power, the transmission is also being improved to the 1500hp spec. The HAAIP program is introducing these upgrades to Challenger 2 hulls in readiness for the Challenger 3 upgrade, more in this can be found here: Challenger 2(2022) - “The Last Hurrah”

The vehicles protection systems are being seriously improved, with trophy MV and Elbit ELAWS being fitted as the self defence systems. The physical armour is also being improved with newly developed Epsom Modular Armour and Farnham Embedded Armour to counter modern threats. Ammunition storage has also been changed from Challenger 2. Ammunition is being removed from the hull and will be stored in the back of the turret with blast door and blowout protection, on top of the LOVA ammunition’s inherent safety.

Challenger 3 is aimed to begin service in 2027, with full operating capability in 2030. This has the potential to be brought forward to 2025 give the programs rapid progress.


Crew: 4, Driver, Loader, Gunner, Commander
Weight: 66,000kg
Speed: 60km/h
Main Gun: L/55A1
Ammunition: DM83, DM63, Next generation MP rounds.
Sighting Equipment: Thales DNGS T3 sight, Orion stabilised independent panoramic sight, Trailblazer Driver Visions System with Spectre.
Stabilisation/Gun Laying Equipment: Curtis-Wright TDSS
Elevation/Depression: +20/-10 Degree
Engine: CV12-9A with improved power(1500hp at 2400rpm)
Transmission: TN54E(1500hp upgrade)
Torque Converter: 3.5x Stall Multiplier.
Suspension: 3rd generation Horstmann Hydrogas
Active Protection System: Trophy MV
Armour: Epsom Modular Armour, Farnham Embedded Armour



Challenger 3: Keeping the Tracks on the Road

Curtiss-Wright Corporation - Curtiss-Wright Awarded Contract by Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL) to Supply Aiming and Stabilization System for British Army Challenger 3 Main Battle Tanks

Elbit Systems UK selected to provide Laser Warning Systems for Challenger 3 Tank | Elbit Systems UK

UK Signs £20 Million Trophy APS Contract for Challenger 3 - Overt Defense

UK and Germany mark next phase in joint tank ammunition programme - GOV.UK


I’ve been looking at some Barracuda MCS and this is one of the vehicles (unless it was a Challenger 2) that use it, I’d like to push for it to be added to historical vehicles that used it and it to be added as a modification. And nicely done.


+1 For Germany and UK. Otherwise, the enterprise is common, and for some reason only the last one will get it, that’s not the order)

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Germany? Why germany just cos the company that makes the ch3 are co owned by rhein doesnt mean it belongs in germany…thats like saying just because BAE Sweden designed the CV90 we should get it…


No lmao. It’s going into service with the UK, and the UK only. Germany has plenty of other options, no need for the Challenger 3. If you so desperately want a Challenger, the Challenger 2 (130) demonstrator by Rheinmetall could go into both trees. That makes more sense as it was a one-off prototype.


@Rambolf @ChieftainWarrior

Well, firstly, the enterprise is common, and Germany plays the leading role with 55% of the shares. Secondly, this project, like MGCS, was created by two countries, and should receive both, not one, so accept it. Thirdly, UK will receive a production version, and Germany should receive a prototype, so in my personal opinion it will be more honest. Fourthly, I’m so glad that you are not happy and cannot accept the fact that this is a common modernization of the two countries, even if only UK officially accepts it)

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oh no, German KF41 moment in Chally

Germany’s not getting Challenger 3 IRL, thus not in WT either.

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He is right, Cr3 should be primary in German tree and then maybe in UK.
Same with K2 Black Panther,Poland is using them and Leo2PL is inGerman tree soo. /s

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No, Rheinmetall owns 55% of the company, RBSL is doing 100% of the work.

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RBSL - This is a joint venture of two companies, Rheinmetall (Germany) and BAE Systems (UK), shares are distributed 55/45%, where the highest share is the dominant one, that is, the project is led by Rheinmetall. I don’t think it’s hard to understand

Germany doesn’t use Challenger 3, they use Leopard 2.

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Nobodys listening to you, so… sit on the sidelines

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UK-based and independent joint venture business between BAE Systems and German defence firm, Rheinmetall.”

And? KNDS is also an independent joint venture between France and Germany, what next?

Please keep the argumentative language out of here. It is not needed and unwelcome.


No complaints against me. I would like to see this technique in both branches of development, since it will be fair, nothing more

Do you argue Britain should get CV90’s?


If UK is directly involved in the project or modernization, yes