CCRP using switch mission target?


I’m not usually a base bomber in sim but i just unlocked the F4E for an interim CAS option while i get to the bombcat and decided that I might try to grind the modifications out in sim doing some base bombing. Well i have been trying to get the CCRP to work with the ‘switch mission bombing target’ but to no avail - at least im not getting the hud to actually track the selected mission target like how the 3yo guides are able to, while manual CCRP using active target point works fine. Have they changed anything so the system works differently or is the bombing target system just broken for the cockpit hud now?

Any help would be appreciated.

Within SB:

Activate CCRP target point, rotating through targets is a good way of doing this.

Next change the gun sight to bomb (auto). This should make the main reticle disappear (i think in the F4)

When you point your aircraft at the selected target. The reticle should move over where the base/target is located. (It is very hard to tell what base you have selected, especially in the F4s)

As you approach, press hold your desired bomb release method. Either bomb series or ripple mode (note bomb series doesnt work with weapon selector enabled)

This should drop your bombs on the target. If you pull up slightly before you approach the target you can loft the bombs at the target and avoid the worst of the spaa fire.


Ill do a quick game in a bit in the FGR2 and record my method and confirm that that works. I use ccrp all the time in the Jaguar and tornado, but not used the phantoms in a very long time

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Did a quick match in the FG1 and I was mistaken, either my memory is not right or its been changed/no longer works. But it appears you have no way of knowing what target you have selected for CCRP within the Phantoms at least the British Phantoms. If this differs for other nations, someone else will have to say.

So instead i think your only choice is to manually drop bombs on a desired target. There was/is a big movement to see CCRP overhauled, target selection is a big part of that as it is an overly complicated and fiddly system currently, that does not work with all jets, even though it should for many.


This is what it looks like in the Tornado. The small cross is the selected base and the larger ring is a timer that will rotate as I get close.


CCRP Run and Release in Tornado Gr1 - YouTube

Had a spare clip of my usual loft attack profile I use in the Gr1. Its a shame its such a clunky system to use in the Phantoms, but this attack profile avoids most if not all SPAA fire.

(i’ve been recording my attack runs to try and get a decent clip of CCRP refusing to release, happens on some bases on some maps)

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You’re not mistaken at all, and this is the case for all Phantoms with CCRP and SPI, as well as all Skyhawks and F-105, plus possibly more.

Common between those aircraft: oldfashioned gunsight, and not yet a “real” HUD. And no means to view any targeting info were implemented, making CCRP completely useless in Sim for these planes.

Similar to the new feature that GBU’s have a CCRP display now. Fine, except that it works only in 3rd person and HUD view, so is completely useless in Sim as well…

As to CCRP, you actually fare better with even older aircraft like Milan or even F-84F than the more modern(ish) Phantom, Skyhawks and Thunderchief - which is very ironic…


Yeah, the lack of CCRP or even CCRP with manual release with GBU is driving me nuts.

Some jets like the Tornado are also missing critical HUD information for accurate lofting

In addition to all the above, I believe certain bases on Rocky Canyon and Sinai fail to properly register with the mission bombing target selection functionality, so that the bombs fail to release even when targeted with this functionality.

Also, the A-7D HUD can get confused and struggle to update properly, especially after a few drops.

CCRP with the mission bombing target selection gives some great options for weapons delivery when it’s working, but it’s definitely quirky even on the jets (at least in the US TT) that have HUD functionality sufficient to easily determine which target is selected.

It would be a huge boost for SB to more completely and accurately implement CCRP in cockpit instruments, though the non-HUD aircraft each have several instrument displays that would likely need to be individually coded. I’d still love to see this as the working cockpits are really fun and immersive.

Thanks for the responses guys, good to know i wasnt going crazy when my mate and I were in our American and British phantoms couldnt get it to work haha. Well at least i was able to still do it with manually setting the target point and lofting the bombs in with CCRP that way. Though its certainly more difficult when you dont have the target pre-set into the system and have to fly around to visually find the target while evading enemy interceptors and dont have the proper hud to keep you lined up 100%. But at least its still manageable to pull off without resorting to the hell which is bomb CCIP against modern AA. Might have to break out some of my other vehicles to see how the system goes when working as intended.

Hopefully sim gets some more love and they actually fix it but we all know how that it is. Would be so awesome to see all the avionics and hud working properly, especially when the top premiums can cost as much as entire packs of fully modeled aircraft from other full fleshed out sims like il2 and DCS - kind of laughable when that’s not the case. WT has so much potential but hey i guess time will tell if the recent kick in the butt might make gaijin actually keep the development ball rolling - here’s hoping.


Yeah, how much I agree with you!

It’s such an important funcionality especially with modern aircraft, especially in sim, and I find it a big pity it’s not receiving the attention it definitely deserves.

And - I keep repeating myself - please give us another possibility to select mission targets apart from cycling through a few dozen point of which you don’t know where they are unless your perfectly aligned with them…


CCRP is wrongly done in the HUDs of the planes I have tested, it should be a vertical line, it’s a point indicator, so you must be pointing down to the target to use CCRP.

CCRP was designed to be used in level flight, actual CCRP is crap in all planes I have tested.

Indeed, CCRP is only usefull to compensate for the bad spotting we have on the targets, that are not properly rendered until you are too close, with CCRP you see the marker over the target, something you wouldn’t see in real CCRP.

Strongly depends on the aircraft/HUD in question, also in real life.

Problem is that in WT we only have the HUD as an instrument of the modelled aircraft’s cockpit currently capable of showing such info, as we have zero navigational tools/instruments otherwise, and this is the big issue.

Since we have only the HUD, all the info should be there.

It’s like the RWR, I get we don’t get the real one, but in the fake one we could get at least if it’s from above or from below, the kind of radar locking you, etc.

In CCRP the same, we don’t have the real one, and the fake one is crap.


Yeah I know. Really hope this gets improved in the future…

The bombing targets 1-22 should be relayed to you on the minimap, don’t care it’s a game because in real life they would tell you what 1-22 corresponds to before take off anyway. don’t need hud for rest.


Ya know, I wasn’t really interested in modern jets, but these new weapon systems do intrigue me, and now I’m totally interested in trying theses systems in a Sim environment. Improving them could do a lot to bring new players to SimEC.

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I can’t figure this out on any aircraft I have unlocked; is there a good guide for how it should work?

After reading through this thread it looks like it’s mostly broken for sim on many aircraft but at least a guide to how it should work would be helpful for new players to this level.

This is in part why it needs such a desperate overhaul, its too complicated and difficult to use in its current state.

What aircraft are you in and i’ll see if I can help “talk” you through it.

I’ve written a guide for CCRP in SB