British Weapon Systems - Technical data and discussion

@Flame2512 would you be so kind to drop us some info about in what timeframe Skyflashes can relock?

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It seems that about 7 seconds is the practical limit. That is for obtaining an initial lock though, rather than re-locking.


Thanks, thats interesting. So the seeker for some reason started losing “strength” after 7 seconds. I wonder what caused that. Probably some shortcomings due to inv monopulse being a new technology then and it needing time to be perfected.

I think it’s more a case that if you haven’t found the target after 7 seconds it’s probably moved / changed enough that you’re not going to find it. The section above the highlighted bit in the first image explains it.

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It’s probably a balance change only, gaijin is for some reason affraid to add that to all missiles, even though it seems a lot of them only explode after running out battery time irl (if they miss the target). Even missiles like the AIM-9B and the first R530 were already bug reported in that matter and they didn’t get changed yet…

Do we have this kind of thing for Britain? If anyone is making something like this we can come together to get things working properly.

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There’s this:

thats air only

I’m looking for a more general list including ground and naval vehicles and weapons (i.e brimstone). Also Beaufighter mk 21 should have more ordinance.

I dont think there is a full list like that

Well this thread we’re in now is an air thread

That’s why I’m asking if anyone is making one. If not I can cobble something together.

I have a naval one: Britain Naval Tree - What’s left to be added for all BRs

But we could always just fuse them all together.

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I would be inclined to say that it is better to keep them separate. That way you can have more focused discussion and it is less work for a single person to maintain.


😅 i feel honoured

This is a really good collection of stuff. Every tree needs something like it. For now we need to create a bare bones version then expand it to be similar to yours.

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We have 1 for air, 1 for naval and 1 for helis. You could start a dedicated thread for ground (I have a baby one going for SPAA)

Right then. We can throw some stuff together to create the ground portion of the idea tree

Yep, though, when it comes to ground, my knowledge is far more limited. I know my planes quite well, and I know my boats. But not really my ground stuff.

I seriously cannot imagine any British ground vehicle being added that is as badly documented as Flakpanzer IV 3cm and Ostwind 2, we don’t know what they looked like, we’re not sure they were actually assembled and somehow it’s in the game.

Even our actually entered service ground vehicles have some weird game choices like A30 Avenger have inexplicably low traverse rates because Gaijin decided yes After Challenger with a 30 degree turret rotation speed the newer version of the vehicle (Avenger) has 14 degree (aced). Tetrarch same issue just fixed this patch because Jarms got hold of documentation showing what common sense should have showed Gaijin, we have footage of Daimlers turret traverse being very fast and it’s the same turret. Skink has plenty of documentation on it, used in combat, added with dodgy traverse. Still missing lots of wartime service vehicles, very sad.

Vickers Vampire and Vickers Vanguard tanks I guess are comparable ww2 tanks, prototypes we barely have any info on. Vanguard had 3 working versions built, Vampire not sure but possibly just a mockup.

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