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Here are some official RAF reports on Helicopter usage, which I imagine might be of interest:

This also gives some support to the idea that those strange tubes might be Swingfire / Hawkswing related (page 249 in the last document):


After reaching out to Magellan Aerospace I was told that they couldn’t comment or release any information on it.

What are the differences between AAR-47 and AAR-57 ?

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The same thing

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You could see if SA has any Aviation museums and contact their collections team.

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Hey sorry if this has already been asked but does anyone know if any Sea lynx’s carried anything that would be useful ingame?

I tried asking at the FAA museum but they didnt seem to know for sure.

The only thing we don’t have in game would be the sea skua Missle (Torpedos and depth charges aside).

Yep, sea skua is what Sea Lynxes mostly carried. But they are useless untill we have ability to bring helis into naval.

In FAA service: not really. Sea Skua, torps+depth charges, FN HMP .50 cal gun pod
Mk.2 carried AS.12 in French Navy service but we didn’t refit the sights etc from Wasp for ours to do it

So far as other Naval variants go: Mk.140 carries Mokopa in Algerian Navy service and Mk.120 carries CRV7 + GIAT/Nexter NC621 20mm gun pod in Omani service

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So unless someone can prove the gazelles carried anything of worth its a wessex or something south african then?

Well we proved Whirlwind was also armed with missiles that make it suitable for War Thunder. So there’s that, the Wessex you mentioned, and Lynx AH.7 (better engine and rotors, DIRCM, MAWS) so far as historic British armed helicopters go.
And obviously the current day Wildcat and AH-64E are there to look for in the future.

Whether a Lynx Mk.2 with AS.12 is added for Britain or only France is a decision for Gaijin. Fundamentally it’s no different to things like Hellfire being on the Lynx AH.1

Also, Lynx HMA.8 did the release trials for the Wildcat’s Sea Venom missile which is described as having land-attack capabilities even though it’s primarily intended as an anti-ship missile.

MBDA considers it credence that the missile is compatible with Lynx and Super Lynx for existing export customers, not only new customers buying Wildcat.

Whether HMA.8 could equip other weapons used by later Super Lynx variants, I don’t know. The Super Lynx 300s are a fair bit more digital inside than the Super Lynx 100 series to which HMA.8 was the pattern. Though I believe it has a MIL-STD-1553B databus that would enable that, since 1153B first appeared on the Lynx 3 project that preceded HMA.8/Super Lynx series
But regardless, there was the company demonstrator ZT800 that works as a British-operated Super Lynx 300 and was fitted with all kinds of subsystems that were on exported Super Lynxes: CTS-800 engines, radars, ESM and FLIR etc. etc.

Cheers, to be completely honest with you i just want some sort of filler between the scout/wasp and lynx because even with the wasps new as.12s its still fundamentally a 8.3 heli just uptiered to face 9.0.

However a wessex or lynx w/o hellfires at 8.7 to 9.7 would fill the gap nicely aswell as something to fling alongside the scout to give some variety of play than sit in a corner and fire missiles (like a gazzelle with CVR7s or wessex without as.11s.

This is just complete hopium tho because knowing gaijin they’ll just give us another challenger or rank 1 car to use.

Gazelles would fit into that BR very well. It’s just finding evidence that they used missiles to make them worth adding.

Remember we still have an BAE Mi24 that was passed to the devs

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Would probably come as either an event or squadron vehicle tbf, it would feel so out of place in the british tree and i think most british players would prefer the superhind over it if we’re gonna get a hind

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There are a lot of different one-off test vehicles and subvariants which can be added when it comes to British helicopters, the issue is finding information about them.

When? 🥺

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Rather that the E im talking about the Arrowhead
Love them better sensors
But E also would be fun :)