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Gazelles would fit into that BR very well. It’s just finding evidence that they used missiles to make them worth adding.

Remember we still have an BAE Mi24 that was passed to the devs

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Would probably come as either an event or squadron vehicle tbf, it would feel so out of place in the british tree and i think most british players would prefer the superhind over it if we’re gonna get a hind

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There are a lot of different one-off test vehicles and subvariants which can be added when it comes to British helicopters, the issue is finding information about them.

When? 🥺

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Rather that the E im talking about the Arrowhead
Love them better sensors
But E also would be fun :)

But did UK got them 64E? Ok i found they get them remade into Es

Render I know but its the planned 64E

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So a new top tier heli for UK. NCIE! And it has arrowhead :)

Cropped your comment - Omg it is now all your fault if this happens! /s

Damn you caught me, im behind all of the terrible additions to britain lol

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Looks like it could very easily be a loading screen

Is this a teaser of whats to come?

Nope, that is AH-64E that i talked about with Gunjob, no idea about it comming any time soon

Ahh ok cheers i just saw it and got a little excited at the prospect of our first new heli ages

It would be interesting. With AtG radar made better(in game, not irl), 114L, arrowhead, stronger engines and 20h of grind it would be a fun little thing. But it wont get starstreaks

Is not having starstreaks a bad thing at the moment?

Although i just checked and i doubt the E will come to game any time soon given its about as modern as the F-35 service wise

They are, well, fun to use when they work. Some time ago i got some early kills on the bmps or pantsirs.

Oooh nice, anyways from what i can see we only have a few options for new helis anyway;

-Early lynx w/o hellfires
-Super lynx
-Mi24 (BAe or superhind)
-gazelle if we can prove its armament
-Apache E in future

Not a great list when you consider half are basically copy paste with different armament from other nations