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in game it pull 4 more g

I’m talking about in reality.

irl the mistral pull around 32 g

And the stinger pulls?

22 g

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Would a HAS.3 add anything capability wise?

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Do we have any images of the two experimental Lynx Helis with Radar reflectors and I-Band radar jammers from the Falklands? One was XZ725

That’s a HMA.8
But HAS.3 would offer up-rated Gem 41-1 engines and many options for upgrades such as Orange Crop RWR, Loral “Challenger” IRCM, composite main rotors etc.


It can get Penguins, which come with various seeker heads, with some similar to those on the Maverick. You only get two, but they get very big warheads.

HMA.8 keeps them as well, in addition to Marte 2A and Sea Venom, the latter of which was tested on it.

Dunno about Penguins on the regular HAS.3 really. Even though they were tested/carried on a HAS.3 airframe, the mission systems on that aircraft were enhanced for Super Lynx/HMA.8 development.
Kongsberg’s Penguin brochure only mentioned Super Lynx

There were a handful of airframes equipped as Lynx HAS.3CTS that had a datalink and multi-function tactical display though. Those seem like they could potentially have been able to use Penguin but probably never did. Nearly half of them were the aircraft that went on to be used for HMA.8/Super Lynx development. And the pictures we have with Penguin are these ones with further Super Lynx enhancements.

HMA.8 has a separate screen for TV/IR picture from PID (Marconi Sea Owl system), and export Super Lynxes have a different display unit in the location of the radar display on Royal Navy Lynx HAS.2/HAS.3/HMA.8. With the exception of Denmark’s Mk.90s that were a similar HMA.8 style upgrade to their Mk.80/HAS.3 type.
So I think the standard HAS.3 display unit probably wasn’t suitable for Penguin target acquisition.
Unfortunately, I don’t know that I have seen photos of the HAS.3CTS cockpit to assess how similar it was to Super Lynx/HMA.8.

But furthering what was said about HMA.8:
Over HAS.3, that would also have several improvements that were found on the Army’s Lynx AH.7. Such as the Gem 42 engines and the more efficient reversed tail rotor. And similar self-defence capabilities like the AN/ALQ-144 DIRCM, chaff/flare dispensers, and AN/AAR-57 MAWS that were on the HMA.8(DAS) version.

My main sources was a book from the late 1980’s (1987/88 I believe), which despite having a section about the SuperLynx, described and gave the performance of the HAS.3. Penguin had been mentioned as an optional weapons in a number of publications prior to that as well, though this was intended for export, and was likely a capability which remained untested on the HAS.3 and would only be marketed with more vigour in later years with the SuperLynx 100 and HMA.8.

So I was at the RAF Museum Cosford today, and two words on the placard next to the AS.11 missile they have on display for the National Cold War Exhibition caught my eye…

I’ll see if I can shoot them an email and ask if they have any additional material to support it. I live close by if it requires an additional visit to see what they might have.


Oh the Gazelle. Yeah why not.

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It’s just funny that we still don’t have a Gazelle in the British tech tree

Would you? Only armed with SNEBs?

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Other than SNEBs, there is currently nothing else it can carry.


Sounds like fun ngl

Yep, just means a lower BR :P

I still want the SNEB’s on the Wasp and scout.