Best starter plane for SIM

Hi! Can anyone recommend the best plane for starting air sim? I have H.O.T.A.S. joystick and rudder pedals and will eventually be getting head tracking, but before all that I need to know the best plane to start sim in. I’ve played a little in first person in cinematic mode in realistic when playing against my friends but want to actually get into the SIM mode itself.

I don’t really like bombers and prefers fighters over attackers, but am willing to try anything to get used to it. I have all of US TT up to about half way through rank 5 and same with Germany. Russia is about rank 4 and Britian is rank 4 as well. I also almost have rank 5 in Sweden.

I also need a guide to flying in sim such as how to dogfight or use MEC. I’ve tried starting using MEC but can’t et to work, at least in realistic. Thanks for the help in advance!

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Do you have the Seafire FR 47? I ask because it has contra-rotating props and you will not have to struggle with countering the torque generated when taking off. For MEC, I would suggest checking youtube out for a few videos that will explain it. If you aren’t sure how to use it well, I would suggest flying without it for the time being.

No, I do not. I just got the Wyvern though.

Okay thanks!

I also made and oopies. I have all of rank 3 for Britain and am just getting into rank for. Everything else is right though

I dont play much at that BR. But…

For now, forget about MEC. I think Auto engine controls still work in SB. So leave that to one side for now and foucs on learning how to fly in SB.

Dare I says this. Id avoid dogfighting initially and focus on mud moving. (A fighter with bombs would be good). Give you an easier target to attack, that doesnt move and allow you to build up some flight time.

I know the Spitfires are very hard to fly. So id avoid them for now.

Stick with it. Learning SB does take time. Especially at lower BRs where you cant use SAS Mode to “cheat” a bit.

Most def not the P-39…


Alright, I’ll have to give that a try.

Okay, thanks for warning me.

Yeah, I’ll keep trying

What is this?

Okay, but why?

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SAS mode is a setting located at the top of the controls. Its kinda like a “Fly-by-wire” system that smoothens imputs, adds G-limiters, etc. It makes flying aircraft a fair bit easier. Especially if you dont have an easy way of handling yaw. But its only available on jets about BR9 ish usually.

Lmao, don’t worry I saw the first one too. Just missed commenting it

Have a good read through this thread too:

some good advice in there from a previous person asking

Okay, it’s kind of like automated trim tabs almost? Also I don’t have 9.0+ vehicles. My highest plane is 8.7 and that’s a F-86.

Edit: I was wrong about the highest BR plane. I have the squadron SU-17 but don’t use it much. As well as the event SU-25

Yeah, it handles the trimming. You cant actually manually adjust your trim in SAS mode

F-86 may have it. But I dont have the F-86 so Id have no way to check

Okay thanks. I think I saw this, but I can’t remember

A-21RA/RB are pretty decent if you want to play sim with early jets, Yak-15 is also uhhh good if you get used to it since its just a prop with a jet engine

Alright thanks!

By far the coolest and best jets for beginners is the Viggen (AJ37, JA37C/D). So I’d grind Sweden, the Draken is also incredibly cool

Okay thanks! I guess this might be a sign to buy premium to start grinding it out

If the J-35XS isn’t on sale currently it should be on sale on the Summer Sale