Guide on me

Ive come over to the dark side or should i say ive seen the light. Any tips will be welcome


Not that I’m a great sim player, but…

In no particular order:

  1. Apostrophise contractions
  2. Check six often (and well, check everywhere… awareness is important)

What sim you playing, props or jets? (or both)

Red book from Jung will answer all your questions.

I am playing props around 4.0, will move on to jets when I have learned the ropes. I have hotas, mouse and keyboard on my xbox. Things i find difficult is finding surveillance aircraft and the bombers, maybe i fly to high. Another thing is keeping an eye on enemy when in dog fight, i tend to bnz or bnr so just keeping an eye when they on my six would be an advantage

Having good view-in-air controls is crucial for sim, situational awareness is everything when you don’t got big red markers over every enemy like in RB.

Controller is very good for sim when set up right. Plenty of buttons and you get 2 joysticks, one for looking around and 1 for steering your aircraft. It is my opinion that controller beats HOTAS unless maybe if you’ve got TrackIR or VR for the HOTAS. I have a controls-setup guide for controller if you’re interested, if not I recommend getting TrackIR or finding a better way of looking around

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I am all ways intrested in controler set ups, that would be great. Just out of curiosity when the enemy marker appears, is it lockable like in ARB?

Cool! could you send me a DM? your profile is ‘hidden’

Welcome to air combat! o7

-The first, most important tip is to bind the “Guide on Me” command, which going by the title, I think you’re aware of. 😉 Use this to identify yourself to friendlies, and to call out to close planes, so (hopefully) they’ll identify themselves with a ping back.

-You can usually find the surveillance aircraft around 3k meters. Bomber/attacker formations will very depending on where they’re at on their attack route. Attackers are usually low of course.

-If you’re not aware, you can pre-trim aircraft in testflight mode, by assigning your Save trim settings. This really comes in handy for prop planes with limited trim options like the Bf 109’s. I make a habit of test flying any new prop, and saving a good trim point.

When setting the trim, I like to get to an alt of 2-3km, get to a good cruising speed, then save the trim.

-Keep your pitch and roll trims bound to a very convenient location on your controls. This is particularly important for prop planes. I personally keep my pitch/roll trims on a hat right by my thumb. Trim in prop planes require constant attention as you change speed and altitude. The rudder trim can be set to a less convenient location, since very few planes require rudder trim, and when it is used, it’s usually just a one time setting to coordinate your flight.

-Always land! You get much more points if you land. Players who bomb and bail are only robbing themselves.

Lastly, Sim is a constant learning endeavor. It’s not easy at first, but the more you learn, the funner it gets. Start with just learning to fly. Try not to worry too much about extras like manual engine controls at first. As you get more comfortable with flying (to where you literally get bored), that’s the time to start learning MEC. For now, concentrate on map awareness and staying in the air.


Welcome to the darkside, there is cookies in the cupboard and if you finish the pot of coffee, refill it.

But best advice, practice, practice, practice. Don’t get disheartened if you struggle at first, it takes time


Welcome to the real world ;)

Situational awareness is the most, most, most… important thing in sim.

-Always have a look on the kill chat. Maybe you can see who killed whom and identify an enemy.
Plus, you know the plane he is flying.

-Check your six! In props look back every 10 sec. Especially when you have an enemy in front of you and focus on him.

-Learn how the “useful actions” thing works.
In short: Do 2-3 useful things (Kill an aircraft, bomb a base, capture an A), stay alive until you get the reward, then land. Its a bit stupid and forces people to PVE, but staying alive should be high priority anyway.

Good luck


TrackIR or VR and of course, HOTAS


oh in that case map that lock view on target button

Don’t trust your IFF… It can be so deceptive. Especially in early jets. Visualize who you are killing and make sure you know the nations in your match and what they bring to the table.

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But also watch out for AI aircraft. They can sometimes be rather random and you can find yourself with friendly AI being aircraft of the enemy nation


Yes ^ that.

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You’ve Lost me there

I am constantly adjusting elevator trim, i use it to set angle of climb after TO, saves my arms from cramping, i shall add the other control surfaces to the flappy paddle behind my throttle.

I am finding it very difficult to get my stick set up right, finding it very bouncey when trying to shoot enemys, i might not ge using yaw enough

You know it 😀

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Im not that good in props, so shall leave others to answer that, but for higher BR (typically above 9.0) you can set SAS mode (right at the top of the controls) which will smoothen out a lot of that.

I have been wondering what SAS mode is, what is it?

It’s kinda like a fly-by-wire system. It handles things like trimming (doesn’t get it perfect) and smoothens out your inputs. It’s a lot harder to stall or flat spin with SAS mode on. But it does also reduce the max G you can pull. For example, with it on, the Gripen caps out at 10G, but it can go higher than that with it off.

For learning to fly in sim it’s quite handy, and I also find it great because I don’t need to worry about yaw quite as much. But the big downside which I’m learning to overcome, is that you get kinda use to it, so if an aircraft doesn’t have it, then you can struggle a lot more. I’ve recently started flying the hunter which doesn’t have SAS mode and it’s another big learning curve

So its limited to selected aircraft?