Best starter plane for SIM

Ight. I guess I’m going to be one of those annoying players who buys a top tier jet and doesn’t help the team XD

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I have not flown much below rank 6 personally, so definitely listen to some of the other guys suggestions about those tiers too.

Sweden has pretty impressive radars at low BR’s which makes it easier for beginners like yourself to find and engage targets. In sim situational awareness is everything so it really helps. Just a great over-all package with the JA/AJ37 and J35’s

J35XS is amazing, can definitely recommend it! The tech-tree J35 does not have flares, and only 4 missiles IIRC but the premium one is great. Fun flight model, can cobra, 6 missiles, rockets, long range SRC radar, IRST and can take on F5’s in dogfights.

There will be a summer sale in 4-6 weeks it’ll probably be on sale then.

Of course USA tech tree is also great with a lot of diversity if you enjoy CAS.

If the coffers allow. I am tempted to get both the J35XS and the Mirage F1C. But if I can only get one. It would probably the F1C

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Alright thanks!

The Wyvern will also work because of the dual prop setup.

That’s what I thought. And like @Morvran said it’ll let me figure out sim better than dogfighting :)

Wyvern should be a fairly reasonable aircraft to learn to fly in. Should be quite forgiving. Plenty of ammo to spray and pray. Decent CAS loadout for some easier ground pound. Premium so you dont have to worry too much about economy.

But yeah.

Step 1) Learn to take off

Step 2) learn how to fly in a staright line using Trim

Step 3) Learn how to hit an easy target like a base and maybe go hunt for easier targets like AI aircraft

Step 4) learn how to fight other players.

F1C is solid too, I have them both. Great multirole. You can bring enough armament for 1.5 bases and on top of that have x2 Magic 2’s and a center mounted R530. It’s probably one of the easiest grinds I have done. You’re very fast, radar is definitely good enough at 11.0 (SRC out to 100km, and PD out to 28km), as soon as you’ve bombed your base you can make a smooth transition to hunting people down with the magic’s.
I’d definitely get both jets if possible though, it’s really nice to have multiple tech trees to grind, you’re not as reliant on one nation not being screwed over by Gaijin and provides some nice diversity in gameplay. France will secure you your last Eurocanard (rafale), the Mirage2000-5F is extremely underrated with its all aspect TWS, HMD and upcoming x6 Mica’s. Entire tech tree also enjoys the recent Magic buffs. Sweden has likely the most fun/best 10.7-11.3 lineup for sim, will get all 3 Gripen variants, The Finnish F18 and I’m personally predicting the Norwegian sub-tree eventually.

They both go really well together as you can fly the J35XS during the 10.7 downtier, and then the Mirage F1C-200 during the 11.0/11.3 downtier.

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That’s the least of my worries for anything.

I hope

Yeah that’s another good thing about it

Would you recommend a new top tier jet player and sim player?

yeah, Rafale and Super Etendard is why im leaning towards the F1C . They look kinda fun. But Sweden does also have some itneresting and unique aircraft.

F1C also gives me a decent 11/11.3. Something Britain just doesnt have currently… At all… Unless im in the mood for evading Mig-23MLDs in the Tornado Gr1.

Lol alright thanks

If I’d recommend a new player to get into top tier sim?

Sure, as long as you have your keybinds setup I see no problem with it. Play what you think is fun, I personally enjoy more modern combat with Radars, RWR’s, missiles, smart weaponry and all that and some people enjoy the more simplistic props which offer some more dynamic dogfights.

I don’t really agree with people saying you “have to” start low-tier and work your way up…

Okay thanks. I guess I’ll just be playing around seeing what I like most

Lots of keybinds though when you start getting into smart weapons and especially the radar… You can shoot me a DM if you get a jet and I can help setup your keybinds

Also read up properly on how to read your radar if you jump ahead. That way you dont TK everyone

Okay thank you. Do you think this would be needed for things like the A-4E?

Also for everyone out there helping, do y’all know how the Yak-38 is in sim?

Lol, thanks for telling me that😂

No probs. Friendly markers appear when you are within about 700-800m. So gun fighting in a prop, you dont have to worry about IDing targets quite as much (though you should get into the habbit)

But at top tier, you might be firing off a Missile as much as 10-15km away from the target. So VID is not an option and no friendly markers to rely upon.

This is good to know. Is it like on the map or kinda like the names in Realistic?